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Maximize the ROI and Convert More Leads with Salesforce Pardot

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  • May 25th, 2021
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Pardot is a B2B Automation solution and is a part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud product. It can automate the marketing activities and enables your sales and marketing team to work together. This way you can sell efficiently by driving the qualified leads and nurturing the prospect, throughout the sales cycle. Salesforce Pardot is used by all those companies that have an extended or complex sales cycle with a priority of customer relationship over time.

Salesforce Pardot offers a central location to manage your projects and an interface that enables the users to better understand the functionalities and also offers an easier configuration. It offers a one-stop shop for your marketing team. It helps your organization to mature pipeline, build meaningful connections and enable your sales team to close more deals. The future of marketing for enterprises lies not only in automation but in personalization.

What are the Key Features of Salesforce Pardot?

  • Automate Marketing
  • Increase Lead Generation
  • Make Data-driven Decisions

Automate Marketing

Closing deals is a critical activity for your sales team and Salesforce Pardot helps to nurture leads to close a higher number of deals. Pardot helps to send emails automatically to the prospects to enable your team to perform the tasks based on triggers and also user interactions, time and custom parameters as well. It also helps to send real-time alerts on actions to connect with them, right at the moment. Your team can also use dynamic content to personalized customer experience to send targeted offers.

Increase Lead Generation

Your team can start using powerful marketing tools while using Salesforce Pardot to generate high-quality leads. Pardot helps you to build and launch digital campaigns with a few clicks only. It enables the creation of landing pages, email templates and forms using templates or even customisation with CSS styles and full HTML.

You can not only increase engagement with templates to launch landing pages for your brand but also run professional email campaigns, at scale. Maximize the ROI of your campaigns by running SEO activities to yield better results with your marketing strategies. Also, you can manage and track the events up to the minutest details with a single centralized platform of Salesforce Pardot and create interest in the webinars and the events.

Make Data-driven Decisions

Pardot offers micro and macro-level insights into the performance of your marketing team. This also allows you to attach your marketing efforts with the closed leads and get insights by analysis of successful campaigns across various channels. The Pardot reports provide you with insights on the overall marketing campaign, individual customers and throw light on customer interactions with snapshots.

Also, get a holistic view of individual customers with custom views of data as well as understanding the engagement of prospects. Keep tracking the deals in your sales funnel with reports that track the opportunities and get them moving.

The regional teams and the sub-brands need to reach out to their segmented audiences. How? An example to cite here is to create an industry-wise segment of customers. This is possible with Pardot Business Units to face the various challenges for the brands.

What are the Challenges?

Here are some of the challenges:

  • Less Insights on overall marketing experience as experienced by the prospects with the multi-brand companies.
  • Choose between scale and agility, while planning campaigns.

What are Pardot Business Units?

Customers always seek a seamless experience from a single company. However, when your organization does not use Pardot Business Units your team receives multiple points of contacts per day for different brands which are repetitive in nature and lack consistency.

Pardot Business Units enables your organization within the scope of a single Pardot Implementation to easily fix audiences across various geographies, lines of businesses and brands as well. Moreover, this helps your marketing team to connect to the right audiences, thereby reducing the number of duplicate prospect profiles to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, Pardot business units provide enhanced analytics for the marketers to influence the overall global engagement as well as better understand and compare the brand or the regional outreach with other subsets. Finally, it enables you to align you to best practices by sharing simplified templates to convey a consistent overall brand message.


Salesforce Pardot helps to supercharge your marketing efforts. Salesforce Pardot is targeted towards B2B Companies unlike Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Pardot empowers your sales team to nurture the best leads and convert more leads to maximize ROI for your business.

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