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Salesforce Education Cloud: Improving Enrollment Management with Personalized Experience

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  • March 31st, 2021
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The Covid-19 pandemic is leaving an indelible impact on the higher education industry, in a way which could not be thought of in the recent past. In this scenario, enrollment management occupies critical importance. 

In the words of Deloitte’s annual event with academics and the leaders, held in June 2020 there is a need for taking care of enrollment management with some key elements in mind, such as investment in a digital experience, curating an improved experience for the students, retention of students for a longer period of time, harnessing analytics for an effective enrollment of students and many others. 

It is a ground reality, that chances of returning to the normal way of educating students are a far fetched idea, virtual education is here to stay and improved student experience remains important. Salesforce Education  Cloud perfectly fits in these circumstances, as the educational institutions will drive all their attention towards a better future.

As the educational institutions adopt a transformation framework with an effective combination of latest technologies and world-class customer service their enrollment is all set to take their institutions at a higher level. Let us find out how?

How Technology Plays a Role in a Personalized Experience?

Today’s students with mobile devices opt for a personalized experience more than ever before. So, the institutions are all the more interested to impact an outstanding student experience for a curated experience for the prospective students and their families with the right kind of insights, available on their mobile devices. 

This curated experience is usually imparted with technologies such as AI or Big Data Analytics. A personalized experience is one that matches the unique requirements of the students. A personalized experience offers a solution for higher education – to enable them to cope up with the challenges faced by these institutions, such as:

  • Adopt a traditional approach 
  • Increase Retention

Now, we will deal with some of the ways to deliver this personalized experience, with Salesforce Education Cloud

What are the 5 Ways to Deliver a Personalized Experience?

The ways are:

  • Build Flexibility with the New norm of Remote Learning
  • Improve Admissions and Recruitment 
  • Drive Student Retention
  • Adopt Strategic Digital Marketing Initiatives
  • Provide Insights with AI and Big Data Analytics 

Build Flexibility with the New norm of Remote Learning

To arrive at the new normal, Education Cloud prepares your Higher Education Institution for remote learning, during this pandemic. It is about support for their communities in a novel way inclusive of supplying meals. It enables you to make data-driven decisions, with a scalable solution.  

Education Cloud offers a tailored solution that helps your Institution all cross the student journey inclusive of a safe reopening of the campus. 

A good example to cite is how Salesforce has achieved the highest enrollment numbers in transforming the recruitment and admissions process for Concordia college. The college offers tailored content based on demographics, areas of interest and geographies for relevant content for the target audience. This helps the college to save money but with improved outcomes.

Improve Admissions and Recruitment

The prospective students are always on the lookout for personalized experiences as they have access to mobile devices. Building relationship amounts to the enrollment of students, before even meeting them. Education Cloud helps in brand building, with targeted email campaigns for gaining insight on the admissions and recruitment funnel. 

As a new University, Arizona State University, we can cite the use case for Salesforce Education Cloud delivering a connected learner experience across the entire campus. As ASU sends 91 million emails every year, ensuring a personalized experience and building a higher engagement becomes an absolute necessity. 

Drive Student Retention

Salesforce Education Cloud offers a 360-degree view of all customer for driving student retention and the rate of graduation as well. This offers a connected experience across the entire journey with a higher educational institution. A streamlined service ensures to achieve a student engagement of the maximum extent with the higher response time. 

A good example of Salesforce implementation for Cardiff University offers a single view record of each and every student as they connect with the University- for tracking and managing the customer engagement. This way the staff can access course booking, trainers s well as delegates with faster online interactions. The system provides better visibility with no lost opportunities.

Adopt Strategic Digital Marketing Initiatives

The challenges faced by the higher educational institutions become all the stiffer in the face of tough competition. The traditional tactics fail to serve the purpose, so strategic digital marketing initiatives become the need of the hour.  Education Cloud helps to deliver this digital engagement for your esteemed higher education institution.

Marketing has evolved as a strategic imperative for several higher educational institutions. Indiana University has adopted Salesforce for a matured marketing model, ensuring higher performance and capabilities for the future.

Provide Insights with AI and Big Data Analytics

The key ingredient of personalized learning is abundant data. Security breaches have become commonplace for today’s generation of students so security and privacy matters a lot for them.

Moreover, AI-powered chatbots offer personalized guidance for the students for correctly answering queries, a maximum number of times. While answering the queries of students, chatbots build enormous amounts of Big data on the areas of interest and the issues for the students as well. 

Furthermore, there are many Universities which take help from the chatbots for answering routine questions, which would have otherwise taken the valuable time of the Professors and staff. So, the chatbots answer all the frequently asked questions. 

Arizona State University has achieved a maximum ROI with a planned campaign using AI and Salesforce data for measuring performance for an optimized result. 


During this time of a horrible pandemic, when the new normal for higher education is remote learning, Salesforce Education Cloud resolves the unique challenges of your educational institution with a tailored solution. Salesforce Education Cloud drives a higher enrollment with a strategic marketing initiative, improve admissions and recruitment, answering all queries with AI-powered chatbots and drive higher student retention by tracking and managing customer engagement. Education Cloud saves their money with higher enrollment numbers.

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