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How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Can Solve Your Marketing Challenges?

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  • June 16th, 2021
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Marketers often face many challenges as they attempt to create and maintain brand and product awareness. In this digital age, the customers demand a highly personalized experience and the brands are constantly on the lookout for improved customer experience. Although the brands have the resources to handle this but the majority of organizations do not even have the resources to perform in the right way and produce the results. This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help your organization in the deployment of an intelligent marketing strategy, which is the need of the hour for today’s organizations.

Marketing Cloud is a part of the Salesforce Customer Success platform and is a 1:1 Digital Marketing platform to enable the companies to manage customer engagement throughout the customer journey across various departments – sales, marketing and service. Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps to improve customer engagement through intelligent automation of marketing activities to send the right messages at the right time. And Marketing Cloud also drives the marketing efforts to easily achieve your business goals.

It is a digital world and the brands are constantly vying with each other as they want to deliver a superior brand experience to stay ahead of their competitors, In this post, we will provide insights on how the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help to solve challenges faced by the marketers.

What are the Challenges for Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

The challenges are as follows:

Challenge # 1 : Gain Customer Insights

In the digital age, It is useless for customers to send generalized emails. So, when the marketer decides to send promotional emails to prospective customers, it is important to gather customer insights such as customer preferences and behaviours to deliver specific responses. There is a need for a different customer engagement strategy for customers who abandon the cart or one who is interested in the product. It is possible to build brand loyalty with this effective strategy.

Solution #1:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes with Audience Builder or Journey Builder who offers a solution for the above challenge. Audience Builder offers a single view of customers, with data from any source such as Sales, Service Cloud, web analytics for a better view of customers. This enables them to send personalized messages to specific target audiences based on customer attributes, browsing history and purchase history.

In another scenario, Journey Builder also listens to customer cues and guides the customer lifecycle. It helps to use triggers for generating actions to shape the behaviours that guide the individual customer journeys with personalized messages. Today, the customers ought to listen to the customer behaviours to evoke certain responses. The marketing team sends follow-up emails with personalized messages for the buyer.

Challenge # 2 : Provide Superior Customer Experience

Superior customer experience based on preferences as well as a proper understanding of customer needs create a successful and proactive marketer. Predictive Analysis helps marketers with predictive decision making all throughout the customer journey. Marketers must use tools to drive business growth and drive superior customer experience.

Solution #2:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can assess customer past behavioural history and then predict future actions and responses. Marketing Cloud gathers these insights for customized journeys. This way the customers drive superior customer experience with actual customer preferences and hence get the right response.

Challenge # 3: Communicate Effectively

Today, customers are inundated with a stream of emails and in most of cases delete them, without even opening them. So, it is difficult to send effective communications and this is only possible through personalized messages based on customer needs.

Solution #3:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps marketers to send personalized and relevant messages to the target audience. It comes with a drag-and-drop feature to write engaging emails. It can use predefined event triggers, dynamic content blocks to send the right messages, wherever the customers are located for seamless communications across all channels such as web, email, push notifications, SMS etc.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a whole lot of benefits. It offers relevant, personalized journeys across all devices and a wide array of channels so that the marketer can deliver the right messages, at the right time – in all phases of customer relationship. It covers all aspects of customer interactions and engagement to ensure easier 1:1 journeys with the brands. It delivers the right messages, right time and on the right channel for creating deeper and meaningful relationships.

AnavClouds Software Solutions is one of the top-notch Certified Salesforce Consulting partners in the US and has a team of certified Marketing Cloud Consultants who have the expertise in the implementation of many projects. When you hire AnavClouds as your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner company you connect the dots across all customer touch points and transform your company into a customer company. AnavClouds offer solutions at a cost-effective rate as it has a delivery centre in India, and offers solutions at Indian rates.

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