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4 Tools to Check Salesforce Org Health

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  • September 22nd, 2021
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Health Check helps to keep your org secure. We can use Health Check to find all the inactive security mechanisms in your security settings. When you decide to deploy a custom app, you must improve the security of the org, and all this is done with the Health Check in Salesforce. It is important because whenever the developer builds or deploy a custom app, you leave an impact on the org security. Since most of the apps on the Salesforce platform belong to the owner’s org, how the custom code runs depends on the security setting configurations of your org. Salesforce Health Check helps to check where your Salesforce org is presently placed for performance and security.

In this post, we will delve into some of the tools to check the Salesforce Org Health.

Here is a list of tools to check Salesforce Org Health:

  • Salesforce Health Checker Tool 
  • Salesforce Accelerator 
  • Apex PMD Tool  
  • Check Marx Apex Code Scanner  

Salesforce Health Checker Tool 

It enables you to analyze the vulnerabilities related to the Salesforce org, all from a single page. It is cost-effective and produces quick results. It also provides a detailed report on the various issues faced. You can use a few clicks to easily set medium to high-risk settings in the Salesforce baseline standard. It also allows you to calculate a total health check score and compare it against the baseline standard. If there is a situation with a need to deviate from the Salesforce baseline standard, then it allows uploading custom baselines but with limitations of up to five numbers only.

Salesforce Accelerator 

It is a great tool to use but not quite common. It is available on-demand. It provides technical, on-demand support to individual users for their Salesforce instances. Also, it can guide you to solve the issues. The tool offers a list of issues and ways to solve them. However, the only org enrolled on the Salesforce premium success plan can use the services of this tool. It offers on-time delivery of business requirements and find reasons for deep-rooted technical issues or decrease in performance to increase the platform value of Salesforce. 

Apex PMD Tool

It analyzes the source code for Java or other similar languages. It is supportive of the Apex language. It is a free and open-source tool that was developed with help from open-source developers. It looks out for two types of issues- DML operations or software query within a loop. It finds out the deviations of Salesforce best practices. It helps find program bugs like unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creation, etc. It can generate error reports as a part of the ANTS build script.

CheckMarx Apex Code Scanner

It helps you run a security scan on your code, line by line and generates a detailed report based on risks arising due to security or code quality. It finds the defects in the Apex code and also aligns with Salesforce best practices. It is the best tool in terms of accurate information in code security. You have to enter the Salesforce instance user name and select the type of scan. After the code review is finished, you will receive an email based on issues and how to solve them. You may have to shell out more out of your pocket but, it offers outstanding testing capabilities. The best part of it is to avoid code defects before the arrival of the next upgrade.  


Salesforce Health Check helps you carry out a reality check on where your Salesforce org is currently placed in terms of performance and security with a set of tools. With a Salesforce environment of multiple org, Salesforce Security Centre enables you to run health checks across all the org and is an add-on tool. It provides deeper insights for the admins and saves their time. Also, you can opt for a manual assessment of the Salesforce org too. However, there must be a method to do this and not a haphazard way of finding issues. It enables you to generate reports based on criteria. However, whenever you use the above tools, it is best to take the help of a Salesforce Certified partner company.

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