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Why build a Salesforce Custom App?

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  • May 17th, 2021
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Digital technology has gained more importance than ever before. During this Covid-19 pandemic, your customers and employees need to use mobile apps to manage the crisis. Why?

Because all businesses must stay connected with the customers and employees on account of the pandemic, it is critically important to communicate remotely over mobile devices. It is hardly possible to engage face-to-face with customers or even employees.

As per the State of Connected Customer Report, 88 % of consumers and buyers firmly believe that companies must accelerate their digital initiative.

Moreover, many challenges arise due to the pandemic, such as sharing vital information such as vaccine distribution or informing the public on reducing the risks related to the infections and e-commerce apps to supply essential items to people staying indoors and many more.

There are ready-made apps available in the AppExchange, but it is wiser to build an on-demand custom app during this crisis for various benefits.

Benefits of Salesforce Custom App Development?

Here are the reasons to build a Salesforce Custom app and not to choose an AppExchange app:


Building a custom app is always better as it is cost-efficient rather than purchasing one from AppExchange. This is more beneficial when there are many Salesforce developers and you have a limited budget to operate on. If you opt for an AppExchange app, you have to give a monthly subscription fee, and the price depends on the number of Salesforce users. On the other hand, you have to make a one-time payment for a custom app. The only cost is the one-time cost incurred for Salesforce developers and testing professional’s work.

Covers Various Industries

Building custom apps is always a better option for a Salesforce solution that caters to the needs of the various industries, such as order management, financial management of your organization. On the other hand, AppExchange apps only offer some universal functionalities, such as allowing customers to sign contracts in their inbox from Salesforce.

Integrate with Specific Apps

The apps in the AppExchange can offer ready-made integrations with third-party applications such as Microsoft Outlook but with the Salesforce custom integration apps helps you carry out a specific integration only, say connecting your Salesforce solution with another platform.

Provide Further Options for Customizations

Building a Salesforce custom app proves beneficial for catering to your future needs by tailoring the application. These changes are often needed to bring about a change in a business process. On the contrary, it is likely that the vendor will not allow any modifications.


The Salesforce platform helps to build a cloud-based, on-demand Salesforce custom app- just by using a few clicks only. It is a wise decision for you to build a custom Salesforce app rather than using an AppExchange app due to various reasons.

It is a wise investment to build a Salesforce custom application as it takes care of the future needs with a tailored solution. Building custom apps help your business further your digital initiative during this pandemic, as remote working is the only option in the new normal now. Building custom apps enable you to stay connected with customers and employees through mobile apps with lesser chances of in-person meetings. Moreover, due to the pandemic, there is an increasing demand for e-commerce solutions to supply essential items at home. The customers would prefer to access them from the comfort of their mobile devices only.

AnavCloud Software Solutions is one of the top-notch Certified Salesforce Partners specializing in Salesforce custom development, implementation, and integration services. They can help you start developing a Salesforce custom application for your organization, understanding the complexities of your problem.

They have a team of certified, proficient Salesforce Consultants and developers with years of experience working across a wide array of industries. They can extend their Salesforce custom application development service to create an affordable custom application for your business as per your requirements. They can reach out to you within a short period.

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