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Which Salesforce Cloud Edition is Right for Your Business?

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  • October 20th, 2020
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A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is no longer an option but an absolute necessity. Salesforce CRM helps your organization to collect, analyze, store and retrieve information and drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction for the increase in the ROI of your business.

Salesforce comes primarily in three editions- Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited. The various Salesforce editions offer different functionality levels. In this post, we will provide insights on how to decide on Salesforce Cloud Editions for your business.

How to Decide on the Cloud Editions for Your Business in 2020?

You may choose any of the Cloud products such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud. All these cloud-based products do not need any internet connection and there is no need for expensive hardware and software.

1. Selecting the Right Edition for Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers the following: 

  • Allows the sales reps to manage all the related activities in a single place. 
  • It saves their time to spend less time on administration and more time closing the deals. 
  • It not only gives real-time visibility into the team’s activities. 
  • There are other advantages of using Sales Cloud such as ease of use and customization as per the client requirements. 
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud also has forecasting capability. 

Salesforce Essential Edition is for small businesses up to ten users. The most popular is the Enterprise edition which is deeply customizable. The professional edition is the complete CRM for any team-size for your organization. Here is a glimpse of the pricing for all editions for the Salesforce Sales Cloud. 

salesforce cloud pricing

(Source: https://www.salesforce.com/content/dam/web/en_us/www/documents/pricing/DS_SalesCloud_EdCompare.pdf

The Essential edition is a limited one and does not have many features such as lead registration, rules-based lead scoring, person account, sales console app, collaborative forecasting which are all present in the Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited version of Sales Cloud. 

On the other hand, Workflow and Approval Automation features are not present in the essential and professional editions. Additionally, if 24 x 7 Support and Configuration services are your major concern, then Unlimited edition is the right choice for you. In terms of Sandbox, the partial and full sandbox is available with the Enterprise and Unlimited editions. Here are some comparative figures on Salesforce Sales Cloud: 

Essential Professional EnterpriseUnlimited
Campaign Influence   ——3 campaigns / opportunity 5 campaigns / opportunity 5 campaigns / opportunity
Opportunity splits   ——     ——Present Present 
Enterprise Territory Management   ——-     ——Present Present 
Advanced Reporting Features   ——-    ——- Present Present 
Customizable profiles and page layouts   ——–2 profiles per org Unlimited Unlimited 
Roles and permissions  ——–2 roles per org Unlimited Unlimited 
Partial Sandbox   ——–      ——–1 partial sandbox per org 1 partial sandbox per org 
Full Sandbox   ——–      ——–Available for Purchase 1 Full Sandbox per org. 


2. Selecting the Right Edition for Service Cloud

The Salesforce Service Cloud product offers the following: 

  • Enables your service team to work faster – from anywhere. 
  • It helps you to resolve cases quickly, with a suite of productivity tools. 
  • It provides your agents with a full view of clients and interactions. 
  • It can also offer scalable support services across any channels, any time with knowledge articles, account-related information and instant answers for community members. 
  • You can provide one-to-one support with AI-powered Chatbots. 

The Essential Edition of Service Cloud does not offer Service Contracts and entitlements feature. However, you can get Telephone Integration (CTI) in all four editions. The Web Service API is only available only in Enterprise and Unlimited editions. 

If you seek 24 x 7 Support and Configuration Services then only purchase the Unlimited edition of Service Cloud. All the editions of Service Cloud offer collaboration across your organization with Mobile App.The various editions are equipped with productivity tools of the likes of Case Email Auto-Response, Service Console Apps, Omni-channel Routing, Case Milestone Tracker and others. 

Here is a glimpse of the pricing for all editions for the Service Cloud: 

Cloud edition price

 Here are some comparative features on Salesforce Service Cloud: 

Essential ProfessionalEnterpriseUnlimited
Chat( Live Agent) Limited functionality   ——–Additional USD 75 /user/month Present
Field Service Operations : Work Order Management     ——-   Present  PresentPresent
Field Service Operations : Asset Management and Product Tracking     ——-   Present  PresentPresent
Advanced Reporting     ——-    ——-  PresentPresent
Offline Access  ———-  ———  PresentPresent
Opportunity Tracking   Present Present  PresentPresent
Lightning Flow Automation with Process Builder 5 processes & 5 flows per org5 processes & 5 flows per org  Unlimited Unlimited
Developer Sandbox ———- Present  PresentPresent
Developer Pro Sandbox  ———-Available for Purchase Available for PurchasePresent


3. Selecting the Right Edition for Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps in providing marketing solutions aligned to your business strategy. Marketing Cloud services offer the following:

  • Automated marketing journeys with B2B and B2C audiences. 
  • Personalize and automate journeys at scale with Email and Mobile Studio. 
  • Engage, analyze and publish across channels and accounts with Social Studio. 
  • Deliver power-driven advertising for building strong connections with Advertising Studio and Audience Studio. 
  • View, track and manage real-time customer experiences with Interaction Studio. 


Here are the pricing of the various Marketing Cloud products: 


Email. Mobile and Web Marketing Services 

email and web pricing

(Source: https://www.salesforce.com/editions-pricing/marketing-cloud/email/?d=cta-body-promo-234


Social Studio

social studio pricing

(Source: https://www.salesforce.com/editions-pricing/marketing-cloud/social/?d=cta-body-promo-239)

Advertising Studio 

advertising studio

(Source: https://www.salesforce.com/editions-pricing/marketing-cloud/ads/?d=cta-body-promo-230)

Please get connected with the Consultants at AnavCloudSoftwares  for a free session on further details on the various Marketing Cloud products. 

4. Selecting the Right Edition for Health Cloud 

Salesforce Health Cloud provides the following services: 

  • Building stronger patient and member relationships with features such as EHR integration, HL7 Compliant Interface.
  • Provide personalized services for patients, the care team and members – anywhere. 
  • Offer a personalized, collaborative experience with a holistic view of each client. 
  • Improve the health outcomes with personalized engagements for enhanced patient experience. 
  • Offer a seamless experience for the entire member journey, right up to onboarding of the acquired clients. 
  • Achieve commercial success by connecting sales, patient services and business operations with actionable insights. 


Salesforce Health Cloud comes in two types of editions – Enterprise and Unlimited only. Both the editions offer features for building stronger relationships with patients and members such as critical and insurance data models, social determinants, care team and household map, Care plan customization and management, and others. Here is the price for Salesforce Health Cloud editions:

enterprise edition

(Source: https://www.salesforce.com/editions-pricing/health-cloud/?d=cta-body-promo-165)

Here are some comparative features on Salesforce Health Cloud: 

Enterprise  Unlimited
Equip with Productivity tools:

Advanced Case Management 

  Present    Present 
Equip with Productivity tools:

Service Orders 

  Present    Present 
Chat ( Live Agent) Additional fees of USD 75 for per user/month    Present 
Custom Reports and Dashboards  Present   Present 
Advanced Reporting  Present   Present 
Sell Easily : Work Order Management  Present   Present 
Sell Easily : Asset Management and Product Tracking  Present   Present 
Lightning Flow Automation with Process Builder  Unlimited Unlimited 
Full Sandbox Available for Purchase 1 full sandbox per org. 


Choose the right Salesforce Cloud edition as per your requirements, and the budget constraints. Please feel free to access free services from AnavCloud Softwares for the most appropriate Cloud product from Salesforce, depending on the size and the industry of your organization.

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