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What are the Advantages of Salesforce Integration?

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  • June 21st, 2021
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In today’s world, customer engagement is a critical factor that contributes to business growth. Salesforce occupies the # 1 slot in the world of CRM and offers various benefits for your business. Salesforce, an integrated CRM platform brings your company and customers together in an intelligent way and provides a 360-degree view of customers for all departments such as sales, marketing service and others. Since today’s customers have higher expectations from your business, a single, shared view of customers enables your company to meet the demands in a better way. Salesforce helps you to understand the customer needs and acquire new customers and respond faster to issues related to customer support across various channels.

Why Does Your Business Require Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce CRM can perform better by integrating with apps that you use daily. The Salesforce platform is equipped with easy-to-use tools that deliver a holistic view of the customers for your business. Salesforce Integration brings together data from disparate sources such as Supply chain, HR, external ERP and others to get this unified data. This way Salesforce Integration can seamlessly connect various systems and also automate your business process to achieve the result of cost reductions. Salesforce Integration builds better customer engagement and delivers employee experience. It helps you to stay ahead of competitors in this age of Agile business to get each of the client data at the same time.

Salesforce offers various benefits as it comes with robust tools and powerful APIs to reduce the time of integration and help in the modernization of the back-office.

What are the Benefits of Salesforce Integrations?

Here are some benefits of Salesforce Integration:

  • Improve Productivity
  • Access Data from Different Sources
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Automate workflows
  • Modernize the Data Infrastructure

Improve Productivity

Quite often your sales reps require data from both systems, say Salesforce and the accounting software QuickBooks. However, time is precious for the sales reps and they would not like to waste their time in switching from one system. Integration between Salesforce and QuickBooks will enable the reps to their jobs at a faster rate.

Access Data from Different Sources

The Salesforce CRM helps to bring different systems together such as data that resides in Supply Chain, HR, external ERP, or even on-premise software like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, etc. This enables you to build a comprehensive customer view. Salesforce comes with powerful APIs and tools to help in the reduction of integration time.

Make Better Decisions

Better decision making is not possible when the data exists in siloes. Salesforce Integration offers a complete view of the data and that results in improved decision making based on a proper understanding of risks and benefits. Salesforce Integration offers streamlined data flow to improve your decision making with critical insights on customer data.

Automate workflows

Salesforce Integration is beneficial since it automates many workflows for your organization. Usually, these tasks are repetitive and require no human being to handle this and automation is the right answer

Modernize the Data Infrastructure

The enterprises must get the right insights for informed decision making. Salesforce Integration extends help to your business with the modernization of your infrastructure and extracts the best out of your customer data.


Salesforce Integration helps in a smooth and seamless flow of data between various departments as well as automatic data synchronization. Moreover, enterprises usually work with various software and Salesforce Integration serves the purpose of establishing a communication between this software and sharing the data as well for increased performance. Salesforce Integration helps in seamlessly connecting the various software and produce the result of cost reduction 

AnavClouds Software Solutions is a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner who have expertise in Salesforce Integration projects working on Salesforce Integration with Quickbooks, Google sheets, ERP, CTI and many more. When you hire AnavClouds as your Salesforce Integration Partner company you can reduce cost, make informed decisions and provide a unified view of customers at any location to solve your complex business problems in a very less turnaround time. AnavClouds offer Salesforce Integration solutions at a cost-effective rate as it has a delivery centre in India, and offers outstanding solutions at Indian rates.

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