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Top 7 Salesforce Integration Tools for Business Productivity

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  • October 8th, 2021
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Salesforce occupies the top spot among the CRMs. It helps your business to grow with a personalized customer experience. Salesforce Integration tools help to render a positive customer experience, transform business processes and improve the productivity of your team. 

In this post, we will throw light on the top 7 Salesforce integration tools that will enhance team productivity.

Top 7 Salesforce Integration Tools 

Here are the top Salesforce Integration tools:

1. Quip

Quip is a document collaboration platform and Salesforce Integration Tool that combines spreadsheets, documents and communications, all in a single platform. It can transform your business process and increase the efficiency of your team. It can embed collaborative documents, slides, spreadsheets inside Salesforce records with all parts of your deals or cases residing in a single place and not in several locations. It helps you to quickly solve complex cases and shortens deal cycles to improve the productivity of your team. It also helps to streamline cross-functional collaboration and embed real-time productivity within the CRM

2. RapidOnline 

Rapid Online is a Salesforce Data Integration tool that offers simplified solutions for some of your complex data integration related problems. Since it is securely managed in the Cloud and helps your organization to maximize collaboration and requires no programming. It enables you to make better decisions throughout your business, starting from the supply chain right up to the sales pipeline, with improved data access. It can completely eliminate any sort of manual data entry and hence helps in better customer service, without any duplicates. 

3. Conga Composer 

Conga Composer, a document management software that helps you to quickly create error-free digital documents for any requirements. You can easily create fully customizable, personalized documents, reports or presentations by attaching the templates using Salesforce data, whatever is your industry, role or use case. Better customer communications is another benefit since it eliminates manual tasks and reduces errors. The Salesforce and Conga Composer Integration help to simplify the document and report generation processes, to ensure a secure delivery. On top of all these, it also offers an effective way to manage contracts and eSignatures. 

4. Dell Boomi 

Dell Boomi is a leading Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) platform which can help you to simplify and speed up the connectivity across the entire digital ecosystem. It is an on-demand, multi-tenant cloud integration platform, supportive of complex architecture and systems. It can leverage the power of the cloud to connect on-premise applications and data, faster and smarter. It helps you to integrate anywhere, anytime without writing a single line of code. 

The Salesforce Dell Boomi integration offers various benefits such as generating timely, accurate data, automating manual tasks, ensuring after workflows, and providing enhanced visibility into the operational aspects of your business. It also offers real-time data integration with any combination of on-premise or cloud applications – anywhere and anytime. It also offers an easier way to connect with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot and many more. 

5. Jitterbit 

Salesforce Jitterbit combines API integration and Artificial Intelligence(AI). It is a cloud-based, integration platform that is easy-to-use, flexible and quickly integrates Salesforce with apps such as AWS, Microsoft, SAP and many others. It helps to fast-track Salesforce integrations with pre-built process templates. It makes it possible to rapidly scale your integration, providing the necessary resources. The Salesforce Jitterbit integration enables you to connect easily with on-premise, cloud, mobile and social applications and above all it integrates all databases and flat files. 

6. Mulesoft 

Mulesoft is a higher-end API integration platform that enables users to easily connect business systems to achieve digital transformation. It helps your organization to innovate and change faster by easily connecting data, applications and devices with APIs. It can easily unify data for a single customer view, build connected experiences and automate your business process with Mulesoft. The Salesforce Mulesoft integration has many benefits such as increased customer satisfaction with an improved way of tracking the customers across a range of channels and devices and connecting seamlessly with other ERP and financial applications such as Netsuite, SAP and others. 

7. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a robust cloud-based platform that helps you to market your business by sending messages on the right channels. It enables you to build your brand, sell online with marketing and commerce tools, all from a single platform. Mailchimp also helps you to design, send and track email campaigns. 

Salesforce and MailChimp Integration enables you to view and manage Mailchimp’s campaign activities and Salesforce’s subscriber list and also import the Salesforce contacts into Mailchimp, It allows you to use the Mailchimp subscribers as leads for Salesforce, segment the Mailchimp list, synchronize Salesforce leads and contacts data, streamline communications and easily share data to build improved engagement with the customers. The Salesforce and MailChimp Integration can quickly send leads and contacts to Mailchimp, and target them with personalized, email content.  

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The Salesforce Integration tools use the power of application program interfaces (APIs) to build and manage an effective communication between Salesforce and other systems. The Salesforce Integration tools help your business to reach the next level of growth by managing the customer data, nurturing the leads and providing enhanced customer service. 

If you wish to improve the various aspects of your business and grow your business, then you must choose AnavClouds Software Solutions as your trusted Salesforce Development Company to increase your customers with above mentioned Salesforce tools, at affordable Indian rates.  

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