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Tips on How to Choose the Best Salesforce Consulting Companies

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  • April 16th, 2019
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A Salesforce consulting company has the experience and skills you need to device best practices that will help your business grow. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the critical things to look for in a consulting partner. Salesforce can be a massively beneficial CRM for your business. Effective use of the platform, though, takes patience and training. Consider bringing on an integration and implementation partner to help your company earn all of the benefits the Salesforce platform has to offer.

There are some manifest considerations when starting a Salesforce project, such as budget, project duration, price per hour. Therefore, it is critical for organizations to leverage the expertise of a Salesforce partner to maximize their investment. Managing need to ensure that they select the right partner from the multitude of options available to them in the CRM ecosystem. Here are four points that will enable you to begin on the right foot, and select a Salesforce Partner.

1. Well-Rounded Expertise

Hiring a Salesforce Consulting Service Provider with experience in Salesforce is a given, but other crucial skills can help guarantee a successful partnership.

Sales – You will probably be working with your Salesforce consultant to implement automation that supports your sales process. For this, it’s essential that your consulting partner has former sales managers on their team. These individuals can offer critical, real-world insight and guidance on sales strategies that are going to be useful for your company.

Project Management – The practices that are introduced within the Salesforce environment don’t just live online; they actually have real-world inferences across multiple departments and teams. A good Salesforce consultant has project management experience and can ensure you that your Salesforce implementation makes sense online as well as offline. They have experience running stages and rehearsals to make sure the project stays on course, delivery is done, and post-implementation training is effective.

Related Technologies – One of the main reasons why organizations hire Salesforce consulting partners is to support integrations and other LOBs. It is essential that any team you choose has expertise across a horde of technologies that Salesforce incorporates with.

2. Implementation Methodology

When you are looking to hire your Salesforce Consulting Partner, it is essential you understand the partner’s execution approach. Agile-based incremental delivery is the best method as it accounts for stages and repetitions, which help make sure that your project stays on time and within budget. This method also guarantees a high-degree of an alliance between your team and the Salesforce consultants—which often yields good results. Inquire your partner for details like what tools do they use for prototypes and flow-charting. If they can’t give any specifics, it’s best to pick a different partner.

3. Ongoing Support

Before you hire a Salesforce consultant, ask them what happens once the implementation is complete – how will they help your business moving forward? It’s best to work with a consultant who focuses on ongoing Salesforce updates so that your business can stay ahead of the curve. Make sure that your partner will not de-prioritize your support requirements over the needs of other more significant projects.

4. Budget

When it comes to Salesforce support, prices play a crucial role! It’s essential to discuss your budget from the very beginning of the procedure so you can concentrate on partners that are within your range.

However, don’t just agree on a number and select the first partner that falls in that range. As with numerous things, the most costly choice is not substantially the best. Ask partners for proposals and compare them with others. You can learn a great deal about the consultant, even without a formal RFP – including some informal learning related to their delivery and level of detail.

Looking for the right Salesforce Consulting Partner can be an intimidating task, as consultants seem to be many, it can be difficult to make the best choice for your business. Keeping these four qualities listed above in mind at the time of your search can help ensure that you choose the best Salesforce Consulting Partner for your needs.

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