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How to Build Apps with low-code tools on a Single Platform?

Salesforce has introduced a set of low code tools understanding how important low-code tools are for IT leaders. It empowers everyone inside the organization, irrespective of their role or technical skills to serve the purpose of creating and shipping apps

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Salesforce Getting Back to Growth During Covid-19

Salesforce, a global leader in the CRM market has come out with additions to its existing product, in 2020. This was all about getting back to growth due to this pandemic. is the favourite of many companies, cities

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Salesforce Integration with G-Suite

Salesforce Integration with G-Suite for Increasing Productivity of Your Team.   It is critically important for the sales team of any organization to work on the prospects and close the deals as they primarily want to spread good words around

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How Beneficial is Salesforce Marketing Cloud for the Retail Industry?

  In the last decade or so the retail industry has undergone a massive transformation. Today’s retail customers require personalized messages and special offers catering to their needs. The retail industry must adapt to new technologies and realign its business

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Salesforce Partner Navigation Program 2021

Partners holding big jigsaw puzzle pieces

  Salesforce has bought into the Navigator model for its Consulting Partner program. The Partner Navigator Program is about driving the success of your precious customers. Salesforce emphasizes a lot on the Partner Ecosystem. Salesforce wants the partner community to

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