Transform the way you do your business by integrating geographical location with Salesforce. We at AnavClouds Softwares will assist you with unwinding the true potential of Salesforce for geolocation by enabling location tracking for your business.

Locate any Salesforce data of your customers and employees alike by integrating geolocation solutions to your Salesforce system.

With our customised CRM solutions for geolocation, you can empower your business to grow to the next level. Our custom geolocation solutions developed by experienced CRM professionals at AnavClouds Software, will help you:

  • Track both your customers and employees using Google maps, automatically marking their location in your Salesforce CRM system. This will be done using live vehicle and asset tracking. It can help you if you run a business that is associated with service, delivery, sales, field work and fleet vehicles.
  • Speed up the way your team and channel partners address customer service inquiries
  • Ease the process of calculating billing hours and time
  • Allow you to measure distance and time your employees and technicians take for site visits
  • Keep a check on your business prospects in a specific locality, even the smallest neighbourhood, by simply selecting it on Google Maps
  • See the big picture on maps, identify new trends and patterns that can prove beneficial for your business
  • Explore the ‘where’ in your data to analyse facts you never knew existed

Seek professional assistance from our experts at AnavCloud Softwares for custom solutions.


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