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Should We Implement Salesforce Ourselves or Hire a Salesforce Partner?

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  • November 12th, 2020
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Although it is very much possible for the Salesforce end-user to implement Salesforce by own, it often tends to fail without a Salesforce partner. The reason for opting for a Salesforce partner company is because a Salesforce implementation requires a high level of technical expertise for carrying out a successful implementation. 

As per research, 30 to 60 % of Salesforce projects fail. A majority of the CRM projects fail due to poor project management, data issues and unrealistic anticipations. 

Unlike the claims of Salesforce as the “magic elixir” of the business, there are a lot of factors contributing to a successful Salesforce implementation. These factors range from the right way of implementation right upto the system adoption. There are some amount of risks included in a Salesforce CRM implementation. 

In this post, we are all set to provide insights on the key tips for choosing the right Salesforce Partners for Salesforce implementation for informed decision-making.

What are the Key Tips for Choosing a Salesforce Partner company? 

Choosing Right salesforce partner

Here are some of the key tips for making the right choice of the Salesforce partner companies

Conduct a thorough Research 

You must carry out some thorough research on the Salesforce partner companies as nothing is better than the internet. Access the customer success stories, videos, websites for the partner company. The trailblazers in Salesforce find new opportunities for transforming their careers and companies. You can find valuable insights in the chatter group and the trailblazer community. 

Select the Certified Salesforce Partner Company 


The right way to choose the Salesforce partner company is to select the company with certifications. The certifications equip the team with the skills for taking advantage of the technology. There are a whole lot of Salesforce certifications for various roles such as developer, system administrator, architects, consultants and many more. 

The certified members of your team are bound to have in-depth knowledge in the ins and outs of Salesforce as certifications are awarded, only after conducting a test for checking the right skill sets. You can devote some amount of your time towards evaluation of your partner’s progress whether they have the right knowledge to implement or have in-depth knowledge in Salesforce implementation. Time is of essence in the choice of the partner company, who can efficiently handle the tools in Salesforce in the most-effective way.   

Find Further Information from AppExchange 


Valuable information related to the Salesforce partner company can be obtained from the AppExchange that showcases the profiles of Salesforce partners. You can filter out based on testimonials and reviews.  

A salesforce AppExchange Partner the companies get to share valuable resources and community, enabling you to take the steps of your journey. The AppExchange partner program helps your business to grow and scale. 

Get User Involvement Early 


You can successfully update all the stakeholders with the changes about to come with the Salesforce through meetings. The organization will adopt more readily when you cater to the stakeholder needs well. 

Compare from a Few 


Get an implementation plan from the Salesforce partner companies along with case studies, demos, proof of concept(POC) and compare from a range of partner companies to choose one with the right credentials and one who is ready to offer a quick plan of action. The partner company must be all set to face the unique challenges of Salesforce implementation as it is sometimes a daunting task. 

Seek long-term Engagement and Support 


While choosing the partner company, you must seek a long-term engagement and complementing core services with innovations. You must choose a partner company, trustworthy and who can be relied on with their skill sets for solving future problems, once the implementation gets over. Moreover, the partner company must work collaboratively with you. The effort must be from both sides – as it is not an easy process to implement. The objectives and the constraints must be understood well by you as well as the said partner company. 

Choose the Most Comprehensive Option and assign the roles and responsibilities  


Budget is not always a constraint while choosing a Salesforce partner company but what is important is to consider a time-efficient and comprehensive Salesforce Implementation project. Estimating the cost with TCQ (Total Cost of Ownership) includes the cost of product licenses, long-term maintenance charges and many more.  

The partner company must have an accurate understanding of the implementation process and wrongly set strategies lead to project failures only. 

Moreover, choosing the lowest-priced partner is not the option but searching for the best value within the budget constraints is the right strategy adopted. Only an efficient, thoroughly implemented project will deliver the final result of an enhanced ROI for your business. 

Finally, the partner company must define the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders, developing a project management strategy. Both parties must be crystal clear on the roles and responsibilities of Strategic Consultant, Change Management Expert and the Data Architect.  


It is quite possible to implement Salesforce on your own, but such endeavours often lead to failure. The best way is to opt for a certified Salesforce partner company who will have the right knowhow to implement the CRM for you with a comprehensive implementation plan, choosing the profile from the AppExchange, or even requesting a certified partner to Account Executive in Salesforce. Tech and Social media forums have enlisted Salesforce admins who provide valuable insights on Salesforce implementation. Finally, it becomes imperative for the partner company to deliver the project, on-time.  

AnavClouds is a Salesforce certified partner company that has experience in Salesforce development, implementation and integration projects. Please connect with us if you require a Salesforce implementation for your organization. The team comprises profiles with high-level competencies on the Salesforce ecosystem. 


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