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Sending Intelligent, Personalized Emails with Marketing Cloud Email Studio

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  • June 10th, 2021
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Emails are always preferred channels to reach out to customers. Emails are better channels for click-throughs, conversions, and a number of users. It is a convenient tool for marketers to track customer behaviour such as the opened emails, links clicked, the redeemed offers and all devices. Marketing Cloud has a product ready to serve you by building emails, helping in segmentation and targeting the audience. You can communicate with Email Studio, without writing a single line of code.

Salesforce Email Studio, a part of Marketing Cloud, enables you to build smarter emails with data gathered from various departments, starting from the entire range of basic marketing campaigns up to 1:1 messages. Email Studio helps you to send highly intelligent, personalized emails on hiring a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner company.

What are the Benefits of Email Studio?

Some of the benefits of Email Studio are:

  • Combine data-driven campaign management, content management as well as predictive intelligence.
  • Create promotional emails, newsletters, coupons and events.
  • Create triggered and transactional emails for shipping notifications, alerts for overdrafts, reservation of hotels and many more.
  • Create e-commerce emails for shoppers such as emails on order confirmations, abandoned shopping cart and recommendation on the next best offers and receipts as well.
  • Offer personalization and dynamic content and review the emails.
  • Provide predictive content and product recommendations based on subscriber activities for the users.
  • Monitor the campaign performance with real-time analytics all throughout the customer journey to optimize the campaigns in a better way .

Email Studio can help to drive the success of your brand through emails at scale, with data from various sources.

Key Features of Email Studio?

The key features of Salesforce Email Studio are:

Drive Engagement with Segmentation of Profile Data

This helps you to stay relevant to your target audience with drag-and-drop segmentation tools and also find the right audience with the power of Salesforce Einstein. You can increase the conversion with the power of Einstein by recommending ideal content and finding engaging audiences in the subscriber list. Einstein AI allows sending highly personalized emails with product recommendations based on customer behaviour. This also saves your precious time so that you can focus on meaningful activities such as creating campaigns with the help of automation. The automation includes importing data from different sources, scheduling messages and distributing custom reports as well.

Create Engaging and Best Emails

This helps to build sophisticated emails quickly and then reach out to customers on any device, following responsive design. Use content blocks, using templates, sometimes designed by industry experts. With Email Studio, you can send real-time, tailored content to the customers with HTML code, personalized scripting languages or drag-and-drop functions. This way you can drive engagement across the entire customer journey.

Automate the Messages

Salesforce Email Studio enables you to place the emails at the top of the Inbox and at a convenient time with the highest likelihood of the customer viewing the email. This can build 1:1 relationships with even millions of targeted audiences, during peak times. And helps to fix a delivery schedule to give the customer the experience they want with no manual workload and thereby increase the team efficiency.

Finetune with A/B Testing

Email Studio helps you to finetune the campaigns by setting up A/B testing or carry out performance reports. This helps to understand in detail what all is working and what is not. A/B testing tracks the effective parameters or the contents that work well with your target audience such as subject lines, content blocks, etc). Also with A/B testing, it becomes possible to send emails to different segments of your test audiences and then keep a watch on the highest click-through rates and subsequently send the emails to the rest of the audience in the subscriber list.


Salesforce Email Studio is a tool in the hands of marketers to deliver intelligent, personalized messages to the customers, at scale. It comes with drag-and-drop tools to send tailored messages with customized content for the target audience. Salesforce Einstein is inbuilt in the Email Studio platform and this helps to predict the customer needs with product recommendations at the right time and with triggered automation.

AnavClouds Software Solutions is one of the best, Certified Salesforce Consulting firms based in the US and has a team of certified and experienced Marketing Cloud Consultants who have the expertise in the implementation of many projects. When you hire AnavClouds as your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner company you are bound to save the valuable time of the marketers with automation of the campaigns. AnavClouds offer Email Studio solutions at a cost-effective rate as it has a delivery centre in India, and offers best-in-class solutions at Indian rates.

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