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Salesforce Work.com: Getting Back to Growth During Covid-19

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  • July 7th, 2021
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Salesforce, a global leader in the CRM market has come out with additions to its existing work.com product, in 2020. This was all about getting back to growth due to this pandemic.

Work.com is the favourite of many companies, cities and states and it seeks to make the community and workplace safer with technology. It offers various benefits such as shift management, employee wellness check, and manual contact tracing.

This pandemic has changed our lives entirely in the way we live, work and do business for a long time to come. It is now an all digital world as meetings are held over the Zoom, and e-commerce as the primary way for the shoppers. The employees try to become productive, whenever they are located but they do not have access to the technology required to work remotely. As per Salesforce Research, ⅓ of non-remote workers do not have the required technology to effectively work from anywhere.

Work.com is built on the Salesforce platform and powered by Customer 360. Today’s workplace during the pandemic has many challenges. And work.com to provide solutions to manage these challenges.

What are the Features of Work.com?

  • Employee Workspace
  • Workplace Command Centre
  • Contact Tracing
  • Learning with my Trailhead
  • Communication Solutions
  • Emergency Response Management Solutions.
  • Shift Management

Employee Workspace

Working from anywhere for your employees becomes easier with a central hub to access tools and resources. The resources may include apps like Google Workspace, learning platforms such as my Trailhead, The workspace helps to improve employee productivity, as the team works from anywhere with personalized communications, and notifications so that employees stays up-to-date.

Workplace Command Centre

Workplace Command Centre is a collection of tools that help your business to take quick actions based on data-driven insights and reopen safely. It enables your employees to safely return to the workplace. It also offers employee wellness and safety with flexible, consolidated solutions. It also manages the employee wellness and preparedness data and helps in shift scheduling. Workplace Command Centre comes as an add-on for Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds.

Moreover, it can assess employee wellness while maintaining the privacy of sensitive data. You can even carry out workforce surveys to gain insights on wellness data based on office locations, geographies and overall health status of your workforce in the form of secure yet simple dashboards.

Contact Tracing

It can enable you to carry out contact tracing for your employees. Salesforce Contact Tracing is a secure and manual contact tracing solution. It is possible to get the right information with assessments and 0manually trace interactions for employees, office, meetings to detect any possible points of transmission. It also helps you to take actions to increase the intake, daily monitoring and following up. It ensures business continuity by finding out the hurdles of productivity and wellness.

Learning with myTrailhead

It can help talent to skill-up as per evolving business needs with a custom learning experience and get the employees, partners and customers learning on one platform. It is also possible to create, publish and launch custom learning with prebuilt templates or own custom content. Moreover, gamified learning can make learning a fun activity for the employees. Finally, actionable insights help you to track the progress of learning and measure performance.

Communication Solutions

It is possible to gain momentum for your business growth with transparent communications. It leads to regaining trust. The communication solution helps in queue management, to remove crowding at physical locations and offers digital trust cards to build customer trust, for a safe in-person visit to the stores, by complying with local health and safety best practices. In addition to this, broadcast messaging allows businesses to communicate proactively on health and safety reminders, change in appointment times, etc right on the preferred channels of the customers.

Emergency Response Management Solutions

The solution on Emergency Response Management helps your business to allocate resources wisely – faster and efficiently and enable you to take quick actions. Now, your business can securely complement vaccine administration programs, at scale.

Shift Management

This is part of the Workplace Command Centre and comes as an add-on. You can optimize the capacity with a model of the site capacity based on floor or building. It allows the employees to inform about their availability, stagger their arrivals based on employee safety if required. It can also optimize the schedules for the completion of critical work.


Salesforce has brought about changes in Work.com to get your business back to the path of growth, which has been hampered due to the pandemic condition. Salesforce has banked on technology for the businesses to fare well in the new normal, with the pandemic still around.

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