Salesforce Lightning Connect – OData, Pricing, Implementation and Limitations


Salesforce Lightning Connect revolutionizes the way of data processing in the standard Salesforce environment. It employs external data objects to view, search, and modify data that’s stored even outside the Salesforce org.

The OData protocol is essentially a web service working on the standard database CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations. Salesforce Lightning Connect uses this protocol to configure and set real-time requests across all the related data sources in a system.

Salesforce Connect helps modify the data inaccessible from the Salesforce Org. Listed among a wide variety of foreign systems, Salesforce Connect can easily integrate tables from SAP® NetWeaver Gateway, Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, and many other data sources in real time.

Few of its key features are:

Fast: Integration of Salesforce to access and connect with data stored in legacy systems is now just a few clicks away. With the development of Lightning Connect, Salesforce implementation is largely optimized, making it work faster than ever.

Real-time: Salesforce Lightning Connect works in real time, providing the user with access to latest information without having to worry about redundant data or leaks. Data backups and complex integrations no longer need processing because the module does not actually store and retrieve the data from external sources, rather fetches it directly from the user cloud.

For example, with Lightning Connect, companies can directly map the customer details in real-time and view the information using the Salesforce Service Cloud. This system reduces the overhead cost and saves data resources from duplication across the platforms.

Extensible: With Lightning Connect auser can harness the full potential of Salesforce1 Platform tomake cross platform data processing highly convenient. Users can search across external data, relate customer data within Salesforce, and even build custom apps with ease.


The pricing of the platform ranges from $25 to $300 per month depending upon the key factors like number of users in the team, extent of customization needed and various services in demand.

Salesforce Lightning Connect may seem a bit over-priced when compared to its rival systems like Informatica but with great advantages like the Integration, Migration, Synchronization time and effort Lightning Connect is worth your bucks.

Salesforce Lightning Specialists

Key improvement and organization stages trail these. We find a workable pace business to comprehend your necessities to engineer answers for your group. Contingent upon the requirements, we may utilize setup, interface work in Visualforce or Apex lightning development.

Salesforce Lightning Integration

The Lightning allows Salesforce developers to mix and match different components and applications to build better ones. AnavClouds software expand possibility of integration with multiple systems including REST API, and other third party interfaces.

Salesforce Lightning Development

Lightning Component is a UI framework to develop dynamic web applications for mobiles and desktops and AnavClouds software offers Salesforce lightning development services. With its lightning fast features, your business can achieve more output and customise it as per requirement and power of this cloud platform.

Salesforce Lightning App Development

The AnavClouds software offers Lightning app development tools and services that has taken away complex technology to reduce system tangles and streamline the exhaustive app development cycle. AppExchange’s large ecosystem of business apps allows our developers to deliver crucial custom apps solutions.

Salesforce Lightning Configuration

We expertly customize and configure your Salesforce Lightning platform. With a comprehensive understanding, we identify better patterns that useful for migrating and implementing business process to lightning, including buttons, Actions, Quick Actions, Page layouts, VisualForce overrides, and links.

Salesforce Lightning Migration

We are experts in migrating your business data from the Salesforce Classic UI to the new better Lightning Experience ensuring data integrity, security and transition of system, reports, and contacts. We assure your 3rd party AppExchange Apps are lightning compatible and develop suitable custom code that works for your business needs.

Salesforce Lightning Implementation

As leading Salesforce developers in India, we offer Salesforce Lightning implementation services suitable for businesses execution to the Lightning system as well as implementing and deploying a new Lightning experience in their organization.

With such amazing features to offer, Salesforce Lightning Connect can surely boost your business to greater heights. Get in touch with the highly result-driven team of experts at AnavCloud Softwares, to get your business on the cloud.

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