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Salesforce Introduces Vaccine Cloud for Recovering from Covid-19

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  • February 14th, 2021
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Salesforce Vaccine Cloud.

Global Vaccine Management is a priority for all businesses during this horrible pandemic. Salesforce is trying to transform vaccine administration securely for various organizations with concrete steps. Salesforce introduced Vaccine Cloud recently on January 21, 2021. It is meant for healthcare organizations, nonprofits, government agencies, and others. However, vaccine Cloud replaces work. com for vaccines as the target audiences for Vaccine Cloud are both Government and businesses. 

Although Covid-19 Vaccines have arrived for countries all over the world but many do not yet have the right technological infrastructure, inventory and logistic management, necessary for managing the scale, complexity and speed for a proper vaccine administration program. 


Bret Taylor, President and COO of Salesforce said that the biggest challenge for all countries is a proper orchestration of the distribution of a huge number of vaccine doses and technology plays the most important role to ensure effective and efficient vaccination. He added that Salesforce is helping the various organizations for recovering and helping people from Covid-19. 


In order to cross over the impediment of lack of technological infrastructure, Governments all over the globe are striking an alliance with private companies, to carry out a mass vaccination program. With the arrival of vaccine doses from all the major pharmaceutical companies, the distribution of vaccines is the biggest challenge for Governments, all over the world. Salesforce is helping in the recovery from this horrible pandemic. 

In this post, we will provide insights on the helpful features of Salesforce Vaccine Cloud, and how Vaccine Cloud works for Healthcare Providers. 


How Helpful is the Salesforce Vaccine Cloud for Your Business?

Salesforce’s Vaccine Cloud quickly scales up Vaccine Cloud for the Customer 360-degree platform in the following ways:

  • Manage Vaccination Program Effectively 
  • Simplify Vaccine Administration
  • Access Vaccine Education Resources 


Manage Vaccination Program Effectively 

Vaccine Cloud uses data and insights for monitoring the vaccination progress by managing highly effective vaccine programs for the various healthcare organizations, and Government agencies. Vaccine Cloud offers an end-to-end solution for your community. 


Moreover, Vaccine Cloud enables your organization to make data-driven decisions based on community-related factors – associated risks and health needs. Furthermore, Vaccine Cloud integrates to allow agencies to bring data from disparate sources to ensure that vaccine data lies in a single place. An effective Vaccine Management Program offers the following benefits:

  • Understand Vaccination Rates
  • Manage Staffing, Inventory and Sites
  • Get a holistic view of the vaccination campaigns
  • Secure enough doses and monitor patient outcomes
  • Implement a digital vaccination program 


Simplify Vaccine Administration

Government agencies adopt a faster vaccine administration for a quick recovery from the pandemic, Vaccine Cloud reaches out to various vaccination sites and builds a scalable, simple workflow for a simplified vaccine administration within a short period. It can streamline a vaccination process for managing inventory, scaling up your business based on staffing, and vaccination sites as well as payment and reimbursements.

Moreover, Vaccine Cloud offers a simplified, registration and appointment scheduling system with an efficient platform, accessible from any device. Finally, this has the capability to send personalized notifications for the first dose and send reminders for the second dose. 


Access Vaccine Education Resources 

Vaccine Cloud helps in the safe reopening of your workplace, creating a new, safe operating model, meant for employees and customers. Vaccine Cloud shares health and vaccination status for the workforce returning back to their office. Access the education resources for your employees to provide them with insights on vaccine education through standardized vaccine education outreach templates. Moreover, the Vaccine Cloud can verify digital health credentials by installing digital health credentials and visualizing vaccine data. 


How did Salesforce Vaccine Cloud work for Healthcare Providers?

Vaccine Cloud helps in the following way:

  • Obtain a 360-degree View of Vaccine Management
  • Forecast Precisely a Demand for Mass Vaccination
  • Provide Centralized Scheduling 
  • Prepare for Vaccine Distribution
  • Monitor Post-Vaccination Outcome 
  • Build Community Engagement
  • Create and Manage Digital Credentials


Obtain a 360-degree View of Vaccine Management

A Health Command Centre ensures data-driven data decision making with a 360-degree view of vaccine management based on vaccine needs and risks. Ensure a faster response with a consolidated view of data on a dashboard.  


Forecast Precisely the Demand for Mass Vaccination

Vaccine Cloud ensures a faster mass vaccination with precise forecasting to maintain supplies of PPE stock levels, vaccine doses and syringes with a robust Inventory Management. This can streamline supplies for forecasting demand and waste reduction. 


Provide Centralized Scheduling 

Vaccine Cloud comes with centralized scheduling for the proper management of vaccine distribution. Vaccine Cloud offers multiple benefits for the clinicians such as schedule and prioritizes vaccination appointments, make vaccines available before the appointment, obtain digital consent and use QR codes for on-demand scheduling for contactless visits.  


Prepare for Vaccine Distribution 

Vaccine Cloud prepares vaccine distribution with precise vaccination data and analyzes the community-wide vaccine outcome as per public health guidelines. Moreover, the data analytics tool of Vaccine Cloud provides vital information such as managing community health, tracking allotment of vaccines, assessing readiness and analyzing the outcomes. 


Monitor Post-Vaccination Outcome 

The organizations and clinicians easily conduct digital surveys, SMS and over telephonic conversation with participants to understand outcomes, following up at the same time. 


Build Community Engagement

Vaccine Cloud extends help by building community engagement by running curated campaigns on outreach and education, ensuring community interactions with notifications. It also reduces the burden on health officials with automated notifications, alerts and track recall tracebacks arising due to adverse events. 


Create and Manage Digital Credentials

Vaccine Cloud helps in managing, verifying health credentials for proving vaccination and integrating with common digital standards. 



Government agencies, businesses and healthcare providers are grappling with the issue of a proper distribution of vaccines. Salesforce has introduced Vaccine Cloud to help in orchestrating billions of vaccine doses as that is the greatest of all challenges, during this pandemic. However, there are many countries that do not have the required technological infrastructure to ramp up Covid-19 vaccine programs through a proper vaccine administration, which arise due to a lack of complexity, scale and speed. Vaccine Cloud offers many benefits such as scheduling patient appointments, managing staffing, managing inventory and vaccine sites, and getting a holistic view of vaccination campaigns.


Source: Salesforce official

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