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Salesforce Implementation Services – Build your Business the Right Way

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  • July 10th, 2018
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salesforce implementation

Salesforce Implementation Services – Build your Business the Right Way!

Salesforce is an on-demand CRM model aimed at improving workplace productivity and customer satisfaction. It offers various cloud-based solutions that can tremendously boast your business across online media. Implementation of Salesforce CRM is a highly complex process and must be carried out by experienced professionals only.

A good Salesforce Implementation service package includes:

Strategy: An expert strategy needs to be developed while evaluating the existing system and understand its running practices. Further, the Salesforce developer prepares an action plan comprising of data and design issues that need to be handled while implementing Salesforce CRM into the system.

Service Cloud Setup: A successful implementation requires the developer to setup, configure and customize Salesforce cloud to support your business needs. Your business process is automated to a great extent by configuring Email templates, workflows and approval processes along with custom reports and dashboards, to give you better insight into your business.

Custom Development:One of many advantages of Salesforce is its ability to adapt and scale the services as per user requirements. Salesforce community is constantly growing with more personalized features providing greater scope for companies to gain business profit.

Data Migration: Data migration is the most critical step in Salesforce implementation process. It includes various process like data extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization and validation; to efficiently import data from old system into the Salesforce cloud.

Integration: Integration involves steps to merge other business critical systems such ERP applications, financial software, marketing automation software, call center software etc. with the Salesforce services cloud.

Support: Ongoing maintenance and continued improvements are critical for the success of a Salesforce implementation into legacy systems. An organization should periodically go ask for standard maintenance procedures and improvement program from their Salesforce consulting partner.

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