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Salesforce Hyperforce: Grow Your Business Faster at Scale

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  • December 14th, 2020
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Salesforce is the world’s # 1 CRM and provides a single source of truth connecting customer data across systems, devices and apps and carry out commerce from anywhere. Salesforce Hyperforce is a complete reimagined architecture of Salesforce acting as a scalable platform to manage the global clients of Salesforce for growth and success. However, Salesforce has moved a fair share of its workload to other cloud environments such as Azure, AWS and Google. 

In the words of Bret Taylor, President and COO, Salesforce says “Every company right now is facing an imperative — to go digital, fast,” “Salesforce Hyperforce is a quantum leap forward in how Salesforce can accelerate our global customers’ digital transformations and empower them to grow, fast and at scale, on our trusted platform.” 

Salesforce Hyperforce helps to deploy Salesforce apps and services from anywhere in a secure manner but with the agility of public Cloud. Why Salesforce Hyperforce is the choice of your organization?

Why Choose Salesforce Hyperforce?

Salesforce Hyperforce is the new capability of Salesforce. It is the right choice for your organization because it enables all the data in the Salesforce Customer 360-degree platform. It offers a comprehensive view of customers across all the channels. 

Whatever be the nature of the business a small enterprise or a bigger enterprise like a multinational company or even a financial services company, Salesforce Hyperforce acts like a growth engine for your business. 

But, Salesforce Hyperforce is more applicable during the time of the pandemic. The pandemic helps to SaaS vendors to move their data centres to the public cloud data centres. It offers commercial elasticity to the clients. So, what are the benefits of Salesforce Hyperforce?

Benefits of Salesforce Hyperforce

Here are some benefits of Salesforce Hyperforce:

  • Resolving data sovereignty issues and bring advantage of using public cloud resources. 
  • Salesforce offers commercial elasticity and that offers CIOs and CTOs because you spend less money with the slowing down of your business but when the business accelerates, you can pay more. 

Next, let us deal with the features of Salesforce Hyperforce.

What are the Features of Salesforce Hyperforce?

  • Store Data Locally
  • Protect Sensitive Data
  • Offer Superflexible Infrastructure
  • Future-proof your Apps

Store Data Locally

With Hyperforce, the global customers around the world can store data in a particular location to ensure compliance with regulations for any company, region and industry. This applies even to a highly regulated industry such as public sector. 

Protect Sensitive Data

Hyperforce helps you to place security first with the security architecture. The security architecture limits the appropriate level of access to customer data. It protects the sensitive data from any such causes such as misconfiguration or human error. 

Hyperforce comes with in-built trust that automatically comes with its trusted cloud environment. The whole idea is to enables the users to concentrate on the privacy of the data along with data security so that you can dedicate that time for innovation. 

Offer Superflexible Infrastructure

Hyperforce enables the resources to be deployed in the public cloud, quickly and easily. This reduces the time for implementation. Moreover, it also allows us to scale infrastructure flexibly but driven by elasticity.  

Future-proof your Apps

Salesforce Hyperforce runs with no disruptions. Every Salesforce app, customizations and integrations run well on Hyperforce. 


The businesses need to future-proof their investment and run their businesses in an Agile way, catering to market trends as per business requirements. It enables to scale up Salesforce apps faster while providing best-in-class services. Salesforce Hyperforce is more applicable during the time of the pandemic. 

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