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Salesforce for Automotive: Building Revolutionary Consumer Relationships to deliver Personalized Engagement

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  • May 31st, 2021
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Today’s shoppers and owners have higher expectations of your brand. As per Google, 95 % of vehicle shoppers use the online platform to find answers to their queries. And 2 x automotive consumers research online when compared with dealers. Salesforce for Automotive helps to engage the customers across all customer touchpoints, including online, mobile devices, and connected cars. In a nutshell, Salesforce for Automotive offers a seamless journey at all stages of the customer life cycle. And create personalized journeys to build loyal customers with incredible digital experiences.

Why Choose Salesforce for Automotive?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caught everyone unaware. Already the pandemic has caused heavy losses. The Automotive industry has seen a reduction. Despite heavy losses, all the OEMs are trying out to ease out online buying.

It is possible to predict car sales with the power of Salesforce Einstein Analytics. This is enabled through the inbuilt Prediction Builder of Einstein to create custom dashboards with the insights from the raw data. You can also use Einstein Discovery to deliver insights. This way the OEMs can improve their sales strategy as Einstein Analytics helps address real-time issues specific to industries.

On top of this, the Automotive companies can use Salesforce Chatter to build a revolutionary workplace for their employees. So, employees all over the world can share everything and connect at once.

What are the benefits of Salesforce for Automotive?

The benefits are as follows:

  • Increase Conversions with Omni-channel Routing
  • Provide Meaningful Experiences
  • Deliver Personalized, Intelligent After-Sales Customer Service
  • Create Connected Experiences
  • Better Manage Dealer Network.
  • Offer Mobility Services
  • Increase Conversions with Omni-channel Routing

It is necessary to engage the prospects across all channels – online, mobile devices, or social media. You can capture leads with Salesforce for Automotive and then direct them from any of these channels to manage the entire journey starting from hand raiser, test drive, and then to deal.

Provide Meaningful Experiences

The OEMs need to acquire new businesses, and this is possible by working collaboratively with the dealer network to think about the customer relationship in a unique way. You can acquire new clients with meaningful experiences with unified customer data.

Deliver Personalized, Intelligent Customer Service

Your organization must be able to render better experiences by equipment of the service agents with the power of Einstein. This helps to build loyal customers, which were not possible earlier for quicker predictive resolutions of issues with your service agents.

Create Connected Experiences

Salesforce for Automotive offers help to create a connected experience with your legacy investment. This way, you get ensured to build a stronger relationship with your client and also sell and service better.

Better Manage Dealer Network

Salesforce for Automotive offers a dealer relationship management solution. This enables you to manage your dealers in an improved way as the dealers can access all the latest updates related to announcements, products, and recall notices. So, the dealers become successful in terms of sales.

Offer Mobility Services

Today’s tech-savvy customers want the brands to know about their preferences. Salesforce for Automotive can convert prospects into customers with social and ad campaigns and targeted emails. Salesforce helps you build mobile apps to deliver intelligent digital experiences to grow your business by identifying the segments and using the resources.


Salesforce for Automotive offers a high-touch customer experience and high-responsive customer support for today’s clients. It allows you to transform your entire automotive business and proactively manage the buyer journey by using tools. Automation driven by AI helps your business acquire new clients, convert them into qualified leads for niche markets, and, finally, successfully close the deals. This ensures to increase your bottom line. Also, Salesforce for Automotive helps improve performance levels by offering optimum experiences for not only the customers but also the dealers and buyers.

AnavCloud Software Solutions is one of the top-notch Certified Salesforce Consulting partners based in the US and has a team of certified Salesforce developers who have the expertise in the implementation of many projects and enabled the clients to achieve their business goals and increase conversions and sales. AnavCloud Software Solutions has a delivery center in India, offering companies cost-efficient solutions at Indian rates.

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