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What does a Salesforce Administrator do? | Salesforce Administrator’s Responsibilities

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  • March 13th, 2020
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As we all know that there has been an exponential growth in Salesforce technology for the last years, and hence new job opportunities and careers have become possible.  Job profiles like business analysts, consultants, Salesforce developers and Remote Salesforce Admins are these days very prevalent. These profiles are newer as compared to traditional IT profiles so explaining the roles and responsibilities to people outside of Salesforce is sometimes hard to explain, but at the same time we can’t deny that these profiles have made people and professionals successful.

Any person can be a Salesforce administrator, no matter whether he wants to work within Company premises or wants to opt Work from Home. In fact, companies are preferring these days Remote System Admin.

So, here if I am saying that companies are preferring Remote System Admins, this doesn’t mean that this is not a very challenging job or sort of some inferior job. For instance you can check the salesforce administrator salary over the last years.

Roles of a Salesforce Administrator:

To promote the efficiency and to increase the productivity, Remote Salesforce Administrator works really hard. They play a key role for tasks ranging from helping users develop reports and reset passwords to maintaining data quality, adding fields, and running backups etc.

Here are the list of the tasks of a Remote Salesforce Administrator:

  • Unlocking user accounts or resetting passwords.
  • Also works on SSO, two-factor authentication, and certificate problems.
  • Adding new IP addresses to the white-list.
  • Works on Metric report.
  • Create complex workflow rules, approval process.
  • Works on security, user management tasks.

Remote Salesforce Administrator in spite of working remotely is like a business player, deeply informative about all the processes of their company, making all stakeholders successful through process automation, user management and CRM security.

Why Remote Salesforce Administrator?

  • Your Salesforce admin should be process oriented and logical: He should think like a computer to understand your CRM tool deeply and knows how to make the CRM tool to achieve the target.
  • He should be a reliable and empowered team player. As your CRM is going to be a single piece of software on which all your departments are going to depend…
  • Salesforce admin should be helping in nature. One of the basic necessity of a good Administrator is he enjoys helping others. Remote Salesforce administrator is the point of contacts of the employees to the upper management. He should help the employees in their day to day activities.
  • He should be familiar with the sales, support and services processes: Your CRM is the only tool for all the departments –sales, services and Support and so it should be built around these departments.
  • Your Remote Salesforce administrator should be a great communicator. Constantly communicating CRM related concerns, changes, processes, and explanations is one of the important tasks of a Administrator.
  • He should have a natural curiosity about knowing the CRM: There will be times when he needs to analyze the database for hours or may be weeks to understand the system to know what is working and what needs to be done to make the system work.
  • He should be a quick learner to understand the company culture. As he needs to automate the process, so before implementing any process he should learn the company manual processes.
  •  Your remote Salesforce administrator should be a strategic long term planner. Building any CRM requires some seriousness, tolerance, and a long term vision. He should roll-out the changes with a long term vision so that the changes not only addresses short-term goal, in fact it should also not create any bigger problem in future.

Let us now talk about the Remote salesforce administrator salary and the job market

There is a high demand for Remote Salesforce Administrators in the market. As mostly all the businesses are now moving their CRM to Salesforce so these businesses would need Salesforce Admins or we can say Remote Salesforce admins. Salesforce admins have great potential to make the business grow.  And all the top companies are hiring certified Salesforce admins.

Salesforce administrator salaries varies depending where you are located, how much experienced you are and if you are Salesforce certified or not and what type of role you have performed in the past. So if you have technical knowledge driven positions in the past, then you will get better salary than those who have more experience but lesser technical knowledge.

As all businesses are now moving to Salesforce CRM. It will keep on being a solid profile in future job market opening doors for better opportunities and higher pay rates.

1. Entry –level Salesforce Admin Salary – The job role requires a person who has Knowledge of Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce platform.

2. Beginner-level Salesforce administrator salary in some of the countries :

  • USA is $20,965
  • UK is £15,516
  • India is INR 219,998
  • Canada is $22,425
  • Australia is $45,022

Intermediate Salesforce Admin- An Intermediate Salesforce Administrator salary in different countries:

  • Australia – $80,548
  • India- INR 430,496
  • USA- $52,000
  • Canada- $37,060
  •  UK- £30,000

Advanced level of Salesforce Administrator- Senior Salesforce administrator salary in different countries:

  • Australia: $136,931
  • Canada: $63,002
  • India: INR 731,843
  • UK: £51,000
  • US: $88,400

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The demand for Salesforce Administrator is increasing and it is the high time to take action. According IDC recent report, Salesforce will create 3.3 million jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem in next 2 years.

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