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Real Time Interaction Management with Salesforce

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  • August 9th, 2018
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Salesforce took real-time customer management to a completely new level with its Service Cloud. It could serve the purpose of efficient customer interaction along with seamless communication and automated servicing. The interaction-management capability of Salesforce gets enhanced by the Marketing Cloud. This helps the companies in providing services in the form of personalized services, know customers better, build real-time engagement across all channels.

Moreover, Marketing Cloud helps in other ways as well such as visualizing the customer lifecycle, analyzing the real-time behaviour of clients, and enabling the marketers to take specific actions in the form of promotional offers to send through email or targeted digital ad. 

With its key components for customer interaction automation, Salesforce can help both the service agents and customers. Real-time interaction management is possible through Salesforce Interaction Studio that helps in visualizing, tracking and managing the customer experience, as preferred by the targeted audience. 

Salesforce also comes with a Salesforce app that helps to bring chats, alert, videos and comments for a unified view of your CRM. You can get alerts, timely inserts, real-time collaboration right inside the CRM or any device.  

It helps you to adjust to the new norm of work from anywhere with real-time alerts and AI-driven prompts. The app allows receiving alerts on any device, anytime. You can drive your business forward to the next level with actions suggested from AI. You can combine real-time data from Quip documents, custom templates on business process and spreadsheets. The team can sell or service anywhere with team chats and live documents.  

The key components that make real-time interaction management for Salesforce are:

Lightning service console

Salesforce added lightning service console to it service cloud to support centralization of multiple channel cases on single window. The lightning service console enables the user to use its dynamic interface to bring down all the customer details and interactions at one place. This allows the user to better understand the query and deliver a faster and more relevant solution to its customer.

Omni-Channel Routing

Salesforce made a huge leap in the field of customer interaction by releasing Omni-Channel Routing interface for its sales and service console. Omni-Channel can efficiently assign work to the service users in real time, be it case assigning to the agents, or lead generation for the sales team. With Omni-Channel, agents no longer have to be dependent on list views to find new cases to work on. Omni-Channel supports leads, cases, chats, SOS video calls, social posts, orders, and custom objects, to automatically assign work to the right person at right time.

Salesforce Einstein

You can work smarter with AI inbuilt in Salesforce. It enables you to make faster decisions, make employees more productive and harness the power of Customer 360-degree platform in Salesforce for making customers happy. 

The employees get smart insights with AI-powered assistance. It has the capability to predict the conversion of sales leads and opportunities. It provides personalized experiences with historical data to predict the channels – content, channels, products and messaging. 

It is equipped with Einstein bots that can handle routine service requests from a wide range of platforms and initiate a decision based on its knowledge base. Einstein can assist service agents with possible answers and recommendations for its customers in the form of cross or upselling. 


It can adapt to changing user behaviour and read through customer data, activity data from across all channels with the unified customer data. 

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