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Introducing Salesforce Mass Email

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  • May 3rd, 2021
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Have you ever explored mass email options using Salesforce? When you send emails through Salesforce you can view all nitty-gritty such as who all have opened the email and who has not? Whoa!  

Salesforce Mass Emails are sent to a predefined group of users – all at once. Salesforce brought the mass email features for the Lightning environment since the Winter 18 release. This is more so because a few people only used this feature in Salesforce Classic as it had a lot of limits. Salesforce has now made this feature available in Lightning with sleek interfaces and additional features.   

The mass email feature is available in the Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions. Mass emails allow you to send an email template that has attachments, merge fields as well as images to a contact list or leads or even person accounts. Personalize the email copy using a template containing merge fields.  

 In his post, we will throw light on Salesforce mass email features, limits if any, and how to send a mass email in Salesforce.  

 However, Salesforce has renamed mass emails as list emails. There are various limitations of sending Salesforce mass emails and they appear in the form of tips and limitations.  

What are the features of Salesforce Mass Emails? 

  • Avoid sending Mass Emails to Spam Folders 
  • Notify with status email  
  • Send attachments as links  

Avoid sending Mass Emails to Spam Folders 

Salesforce comes with a useful. feature Email Relay that can avoid the situation of sending emails to the spam folders. It has the feature of maintaining a log of all sent emails. The features of Email Relay are:  

  • Keep a digital copy of the email or adhere to Government regulations for various industries. 
  • It can reduce the filters imposed by the spam folders.   
  • Avoid email spoofing forgeries by routing emails through your own email servers.   
  • Run antivirus software before sending the email.  
  • Apply content filters to scan messages for content or data, with no approval of company email.  
  • Automatically add data in the form of company disclaimers or lower section of email messages,  

Notify with Status Email  

Salesforce sends an auto-generated status email for every mass email. It is done by selecting the “Notify sender when mass email completes” as the deliverability option. The value entered by the sender in the Name field while sending the mass email now appears in the subject line of the status email.  

Send attachments as links  

Instead of sending attachments in the form of physical files, the usual practice is to send the links. It is possible to download the file by opening the link in a browser. The attachments have a validity of 30 days.  

What are the Limits for Salesforce Mass Emails?   

salesforce mass email

Limits on Emails  

  • It allows to send an unlimited number of emails to internal users.  
  • A maximum number of 5000 emails to be sent per day for an org.  
  • The maximum number of each email sent depends on the Salesforce Edition in use.  

The other limits: 

  • Send an email if the recipient is not part of the contact list.  
  • Send Mass emails to an address related to a standard email field and not to a custom email field.  
  • There is no way for the validation of email addresses and so you have to send an email message. 
  • Create custom views on leads, contacts, person accounts, etc without email address, to send the mass emails. 
  • If the template that you would like to send contains a merge field then in the absence of data in the merge field of a record, that field itself does not appear on sending the email.  
  • The templates can access only those fields, accessible through the field-level or page layout settings. 
  • Search for the merge fields used in your template and then find out the blank fields to modify the list view of recipients. Next, you enter criteria to leave the third field blank.  
  • You must edit the records with blank fields, before sending the emails.   
  • Duplicate email addresses are counted as unique.  
  • It is not possible to use an organization-wide address for mass emails.  
  • It is not possible to send mass emails based on Visualforce templates.  
  • There is no search operator ‘is not blank’ now but you can use the operator ‘not equal to’ to leave a blank value to filter out contacts with no emails.  

It is possible to send the mass emails to a recipient list consisting of leads, contacts and person accounts and view that in Salesforce. To send Salesforce Mass Email the user must take some steps.   

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How to Send Salesforce Mass Email? 

The steps are: 

  • Choose the Recipient Type.  
  • Go to the Contacts or Case Tabs->Tool->Click Mass Email Contacts for the contacts or person accounts.  
  • Click Your Name ->Setup->Manage Users->Mass Email Users to send mass emails. (this applies for the users with administrator profiles or who have the “Manage Users” permissions.) 
  • Select a List View of Recipients->Click Go.  
  • By default all the recipients are selected in the List View.  
  • Deselect a specific recipient whom you want not to receive the mass email.  


         Use the checkbox on the top of the list view to select/ deselect the recipients.  

  • Click Next.  
  • Choose an Email template but not a Visualforce template.  
  • Click the Review Tab to get a preview of the email.  
  • Click Next.  
  • Select the Options for Processing. 
  • Select the Delivery Option to send now or schedule the mass email.
  • Click Send to send the Mass Email message.


Emails are the most cost-effective and highly personalized way to connect with customers – existing and the perspectives. It is possible to send mass emails in Salesforce by using list views based on contacts, leads and Person Accounts.  

There are various benefits of Salesforce Mass Emails, First and foremost the major benefit of sending Mass Emails is that you may write it only once and send it to the list of recipients. It also allows viewing the contacts, leads and person accounts in Salesforce without incurring any cost. Moreover, mass emails can be sent to both leads and contacts, but with separate blasts. Finally, Salesforce also allows you to track the HTML emails and get important insights such as when it was first opened, the rate of opening and the most recent date of opening.

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