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How to Integrate Salesforce with other Third-party Applications?

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  • October 30th, 2020
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 Salesforce the # 1 CRM software is a great platform to work for. However, it becomes better by integrating with apps or other third-party applications, Salesforce integration serves the purpose of connecting Salesforce with other tools that can run your business effectively.


 Some of the third-party applications that Salesforce integrates are Google Cloud, QuickBooks, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Heroku, Dropbox and many more.


 First, let us gather some information on What is Salesforce Integration?


What is Salesforce Integration?

 Salesforce Integration is the process of integrating Salesforce CRM and Cloud instances to one another such as ERP or SaaS applications. There are benefits of using API-led integration such as reducing inefficiencies, providing insights for decision making, rendering enhanced services for customers and fuel analytics.

Benefits of Salesforce Integration

Here are the benefits of Salesforce Integration:

-Ease of Use

-Streamline Processes

-Build Network of Customers

-Secure Revenues 

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the features of Salesforce Integrations. Salesforce CRM is used by companies of all sizes- small to large. It is possible even for a novice to acquire skills on Salesforce CRM.

Streamline Processes

Integration helps in streamlining the processes of the different departments of your organization for expediting sales. Salesforce Integration with other systems improvises the sales operations of your organization. Some of the benefits of Salesforce Integration are:

-Improve the efficiency of processes of departments. 

-Better data processing and information access

Build a Customer Network

Salesforce can be connected with other back-end systems for gathering information on the network of customers. The network of customers as well as the regular or occasional clients can access the business offers and services for increased efficiency and ease of use.

Secure Revenues

 Organizations often tend to lose revenue due to the hassles of tracking. Better recording of sales is possible through uncovering and recovering of lost revenues. The new customers of companies rendering services and products must be placed on top of the table.


Salesforce WhatsApp Integration

You can use the free open-source library on GitHub that enables you to register, send and receive messages with Python code named Yowsup. Here are some important features of Salesforce WhatsApp Integration:

-Before you start with the code, there is a need for registration using yowsup-cli using an actual SIM card with WhatsApp.  

-Get request code using the below code, with mobile number, country code etc for mcc and mnc code:

> python yowsup-cli registration –requestcode sms
–cc 91
–mcc <MCC Code>
–mnc <MNC Code>
-E android -d

Receive an SMS in a code that has the format “YYY-YYY” and used in the next step for generating the password. 

 Get the password with the below code: 

> python yowsup-cli registration
–register YYY-YYY
–cc 91

-The response contains pw in the below code for using python client code to send and receive the messages in Whatsapp:

pw: b’xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’

-Salesforce WhatsApp integration can take place with service provider, Twilio.  

Salesforce Integration with Google Cloud

Salesforce Essential syncs with G Suite for increasing productivity. You can toggle between email and CRM. This integration helps you to automatically log into email or calendar activity, improve productivity and streamline the workflow of your team.

There are two options for the Salesforce integration with G-suite: 

1. Native Integration 

Achieve native integration with the following options:

-Integrate Salesforce with Gmail

-Use Files Connect 

-Use Data Connector

Integrate Salesforce with Gmail

Save your sales rep’s time due to data entry and switching between systems with Salesforce integration with gmail. The integration helps in the following ways:

 -Eliminates the time spent on redundant data entry for two systems. 

-Create targeted messages for prospects by accessing email messages and Salesforce records, all in one single place. 

-Direct towards more sales. 

Use File Connectivity 

The Salesforce users can use File Connect to access and share the content from Google’s popular cloud-based system. You can enable File Connect with an external data source and include that in search.  Please refer to the below link for further details: 


Use Data Connector

You can import custom data queries and reports from Salesforce into the sheets. It is also possible to make changes into Salesforce directly from the sheet. This add-on on sheets allows the following operations;

-Import Salesforce data based on SOQL or custom query

-Insert/update changes in the sheet to Salesforce

-Generate Salesforce report

-Delete Salesforce data

-Refresh data in sheets manually, or at regularly scheduled intervals. 

2. Third-party Integration

Here are some integrations that work well with Gmail and Salesforce. 




Zapier automatically sends information between Gmail and Salesforce. Automate.io allows you to do much more by connecting between Salesforce and Gmail. It allows you to sync contact data, manage deal flow and automate the sales pipeline.

Salesforce Linkedin Integration

For Salesforce LinkedIn integration, you need to use the Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance editions of Salesforce. You can create a smooth experience for the end-users for both Salesforce and Sales Navigator. Save the valuable time for your sales reps and also maintain, capture the sales activities or processes in Salesforce and optimize the sales process. Here are some benefits of integrating Salesforce and LinkedIn:

-Effective Lead Generation

-Reduce Cost for Lead Generation

-Maximize Innovation

Reduce Cost for Lead Generation

You can generate potential leads at low prices and that acts as an advantage for both the platforms used by the marketing team based on the requirements of your business. 

Maximize Lead Conversion 

Store the details of LinkedIn users for your website by tracking the users and thereby move easily to the potential clients and maximize the lead conversion rate. 

Maximize Innovation 

You can populate data quickly with Salesforce and integration with Salesforce helps in using the data and maximize the levels of innovation. Accessing the marketing data with LinkedIn and Salesforce helps in the categorization of the information, strategically for serving the purpose of unlimited lead generation. 

Salesforce Integration with Mulesoft 

Ensure a faster, easier delivery of Salesforce integration by using Mulesoft. You can use Mulesoft Accelerators for Salesforce Clouds to enable the organizations to implement Service Cloud or B2C Commerce Cloud in a faster and easier manner. This results in a solution for unlocking critical data from external systems such as SAP, Jira and ServiceNow with the help of out-of-the-box APIs, integration templates and connectors. You need to be guided on the best practices with customer implementations. Whatever, may be the use cases for this integration the common services for any use cases are: 

-API Implementation template: templates ensuring adherence to best practices by the members of the org. 

-Notification Service: Ensure to send notifications on preferred channels – SMS, email and push notifications. 

-Scheduling Service: Run and perform API calls and have all integration level schedules in a single place due to single scheduling service. 


Salesforce integration is all about connecting Salesforce with other tools that can run your business effectively.  Salesforce when integrated with various third-party applications  offers benefits of the likes of ease of use, streamlining of business processes, building customer networks and securing revenue. The user can use Mulesoft for faster and easier delivery of integration by using Mulesoft Accelerator for Salesforce Clouds. 

AnavClouds is a leading Salesforce Consulting company that has experience in custom development, integration and implementation with Salesforce. Please connect with us for an integration solution by our highly-experienced team of Salesforce experts.

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