Interesting Facts on the Impact of Salesforce on the Tech World



Interesting Facts on the Impact of Salesforce on the Tech World

Salesforce CRM platform efficiently manages the most important goal of your business – customer satisfaction. It helps you enhance every aspect of your relationship with prospects and existing customers, from sales and marketing to service. Being faster, cheaper, easier and better than all others, Salesforce CRM can take your business to the next level.

While a lot has been said about Salesforce, there is a lot you still don’t know about the world’s no. 1 CRM platform. Let us scan through a few stats and facts about Salesforce and its impact on the tech world.

Salesforce usage by region

Businesses all around the globe are using Salesforce to make their venture achieve exponential growth. It’s used the most in North America (70%), followed by Europe (52.5%), Australia (35%) and Asia (17.5%).





User industries

Salesforce is a major hit among B2B ventures, i.e. Business-to-Business industry. 73% of the total user base of Salesforce CRM platform are B2B businesses. However, other types of businesses are also benefiting from the amazing features of Salesforce:





Salesforce for small to large businesses

Salesforce isn’t only for the big brands, it is also for start-ups. Companies as small as a team of 20 employees are giving their startup growth a boost with Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds. At the same time, companies with over 5,000 employees are using Salesforce to manage everything from sales to customer service.





CRM impacts the entire business industry, from small to mid-sized and large businesses, helping accelerate their growth.

Salesforce for departments

Salesforce brings you several cloud-based applications for executing your entire business, from managing sales, marketing, customer engagement to providing the best customer service. But as far as stats are concerned, Salesforce has been found to be the most important for the Sales department.

As per Gartner CRM Market Share Analysis, Salesforce holds about 20% share of the total CRM market. Most of its revenue comes from the Sales Cloud (41%), followed by the Service Cloud (31%).





In several companies, only about 1/3rd of employees use Salesforce, a majority of these belong to the Sales team. However, about 32% of the total companies using Salesforce claim that all their employees are using Salesforce. 94% of the total users log in to Salesforce every day.

All these stats are enough to show the rising popularity of Salesforce CRM and also speak for its credibility and scope. To unwind the full potential of your Salesforce CRM, connect with expert Salesforce consultants and developers at AnavCloud Softwares today. Call us at +91-8588852503.

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