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How to Empower Sales teams with Pardot Marketing Automation?

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  • November 3rd, 2020
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Today’s marketers often find themselves in a complex environment. In this challenging environment, marketers strive towards the goal of an alignment of sales and marketing. Moreover, the marketing world rampantly displays fragmentation. As per Forbes, the marketers have started with the concept of Integrated Marketing, which is aligning and coordinating the organization that delivers a customer-centric, seamless content experience across all channels. 

According to Kantar Millward Brown, integrated campaigns are 31% more effective for brand building. 

Integration of sales and marketing functions leads to an accelerated revenue for your organization. Salesforce Pardot is a B2B marketing automation solution that empowers your sales team to close more deals while generating a sales pipeline and at the same time helps in building a meaningful connection. 

It is all about simplifying the sales and marketing workflow, with the powerful feature of marketing automation – that of lead qualification.


In the words of Phil Simmons, the sales manager in Pardot “As far as starting those engaging conversations and grabbing a prospect’s attention, I think having access to marketing data through prospect tracking and social plugins is one of the most powerful ways that marketing automation can impact sales”

Salesforce Pardot is ideally meant for all those companies who need to build customer relationships over time and have complex sales cycles. Pardot Connectors help you to integrate with third-party tools to save your time switching from one system to another.

The automation of Pardot improves the alignment between sales and marketing teams, driving and nurturing leads as well as improving the lead management process. Salesforce Pardot helps to identify the hottest leads for your sales team. It also provides micro or macro-level insights on marketing performance.

In this post, we will provide insights on some key tips on how to empower the sales team of your organization with Pardot Marketing Automation.

Some Key Tips on empowering your Sales teams with Pardot Marketing Automation  

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Here are some key tips on empowering the sales team with Pardot Marketing Automation:

Close Deals Faster


Empower the sales team with tools for accelerating the sales cycle and thereby enabling a faster closure of deals. Salesforce Pardot helps you to sell effectively than before, while on the go with Salesforce Engage by uniting sales and marketing.

It allows you to deploy a library of marketing-curated content with just a single click for a meaningful conversation with the sales team. Salesforce Pardot also brings about an improvement in follow-up with prospects for an event with real-time notifications through Salesforce CRM or mobile app.

In the words of Ryan Johnston, Demand Generation Manager at Pardot says, “Generating the leads is only half the battle because a lead is only as good as the new business it brings in.” 

Pardot Marketing Automation is a powerful tool for streamlining the lead nurturing process with powerful lead nurture tracks.

Generate High-quality Leads


Pardot enables you to achieve a steady flow of high-quality leads by running targeted marketing campaigns that fill your sales pipeline. Salesforce Pardot comes with an intuitive email editor that helps to send the right message, at the right time and to the right person with data-driven insights. This also builds segmented lists catering to your business specifications. The insights create a coordinated, personalized journey across sales touchpoints with a seamless Pardot Salesforce integration.

Generate New Business


Your sales team can save their precious time by focusing on what matters the most, bringing in new business with the help of Pardot’s capabilities of automated lead capturing and nurturing. Developing a nurturing program helps the sales team to have the most recent marketing resources, email templates and more. It allows the sales reps to follow-up the prospects in the right way. And all this is done with real-time sales alerts, prospect activity and sales campaign tracking. Moreover, you can also use Pardot’s blended lead scoring and grading system to generate the best leads at a faster rate and prevent the clogging of your CRM with unqualified leads. 

Furthermore, Salesforce Pardot offers personalized customer experience through Engagement Studio and command centre for managing touchpoints with prospects. Finally, it becomes possible to coordinate between marketing and sales and use business rules, assignment triggers and sales alerts for accessing the right customers at the right point in time.

Offer Personalized Journey 


The prospects initially get exposed to marketing materials like webinars, social posts, email nurtures. Then the leads pass to the sales team and the clients now start expecting run-of-the-mill communications, in the form of emails. Now, what matters is providing a great experience for building higher engagement with the leads. Sending personalized content about the prospect’s interest areas is the easiest way offered by the sales team – treating the prospect as the single most important factor.

Measure Success of Sales Campaign 


Reporting in Salesforce Pardot provides insights into the performance of overall campaigns as well as snapshots on customer interactions. Generate intelligent, customizable reports with Pardot and discover the ROI of the marketing efforts for your business. You can use the key engagement metrics by identifying the best possible emails and templates.

There are interactive graphical dashboards for measuring the success of Salesforce Engage campaigns, serving the purpose of easy monitoring and control. Moreover, the life cycle and engagement reports offer a high-level view of the health of the sales cycle for the organization. This also detects where exactly the prospect gets stuck in the sales funnel.


In today’s competitive marketplace, marketers often face challenges and integrated marketing and sales function often acts as the most feasible solution and Pardot is the marketing automation platform that aligns the marketing and sales team as well as successfully driving and nurturing the leads. Salesforce Pardot puts your sales and marketing teams on the same page, as it is beneficial for both sales and marketing. But, there are many ways the sales reps benefit from using Pardot such as faster closure of deals, creating high-quality leads, measuring successful sales campaigns with reports and dashboards.

You can refer to a Pardot Implementation guide for long-term success with this marketing automation solution. Get the Pardot pricing details from the link below. 


AnavClouds is a top-notch certified Salesforce partner company that has exhibited a strong growth curve, even during the Covid crisis. Please reach out to us for any queries that you have on how Salesforce Pardot marketing automation can help the sales team of your organization.

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