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How to Choose the Right Salesforce Support Solution for Your Business

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  • June 2nd, 2020
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Are you struggling to keep up the pace with your completed and seamlessly implemented Salesforce Solution? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll be talking about the maintenance and Salesforce support services, their requirements, and finding the right support solution for your business.

No matter what the size of the enterprise is, most of the businesses struggle to maintain the implementation up to date on their own. Salesforce is a vast and extremely versatile platform as well as it is a very complex system. To maintain the large platform, the implementation and the customized solutions to match the pace of the market requires deep technical knowledge about the platform.

Specifically, for the small to medium scale enterprise, it is difficult to incorporate the technical team and manage them for the maintenance activities due to lack of time and money. Therefore, the businesses need to get a team of skillful professionals who can help them with the complex integration and maintenance.

Now the question is how to find a reliable and profitable Support Solution partner that is just right for your business? Read on.

Why CRM Support Services are Important for Your Ongoing Projects?

importance of salesforce support
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Your Cloud based CRM Implementation was well executed and seamless. But after the implementation, it still requires some additional improvements according to the current business requirements. Although there is a huge amount of support you can get from the online community and Trailhead, you still need skilled and ongoing support for your Salesforce implementation.

Here are some reasons you need your help for the set up or Customization you have got for your enterprise –

1. Changes in Business Requirements:

The business landscape is changing faster with the change in customers’ needs every day. Therefore, it is inevitable that your CRM set up needs to match up with the change regularly. Changes can be driven from any source like new technologies, customer requirements, strategic changes in business, legislation, challenges from your competitors, or demand from your partners.

The utmost important thing for your business is to respond to these changes and it will decide the position of the business in the market landscape.

2. Platform Advancements with New Releases:

It has become a complete platform for managing huge businesses from being just a CRM system. It releases new features in new versions now and then. In these releases, deprecates older features, changes in existing functionalities, and release additional features for their platforms.

As a business, you need to analyze these changes if that is related to your platform, the impact of these changes on your current system and business requirements, and find a way to take the advantages of new features.

3. Optimum Use of Ecosystem

It is a complete system that can manage every aspect of your business. The majority of the business use the Sales Cloud and Service cloud, which are the most popular products of the platform. Other than these there are other products like Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Community Cloud, Health Cloud, and IoT Cloud.

A professional and expert Salesforce consultant can identify the right platform that should be implemented for your business.

4. Continuous Process Improvements and Automation

With the change of the nature of data sets, business logic, process improvements, and workflow changes, you need to improve your CRM platform now and then. This is a continuous and ongoing process. Users need new apps, switch to devices, want shortcuts, and more.

If you do not incorporate these changes to your existing platform, you incline towards customer dissatisfaction. Your ROI starts to decline sharply.

5. Coping up With Daily Challenges

Here are some daily challenges that you face in your day to day business operations within your Sales force ecosystem –

  • Access/visibility limitations that should be assigned to users
  • Limit security issues and vulnerabilities
  • Troubleshooting errors in automation
  • Key metric reports according to your specific requirements
  • Synchronization errors between Salesforce integrated platforms and more.

Salesforce experts help to address with these days to day challenges with their expertise and experience. A good CRM service will provide you a team of professionals, developers, and consultants who can help you with new releases, continuous improvements, automation, and the finest use of the ecosystem.

Finding a Good Support Services?

Salesforce support services

Now, that we know Salesforce Support services are important for the enterprises, the question arises is – how to find the right Solution that fits your needs? Many CRM Partners offer services and you need to find the one that will help you maximize the use and benefits from your Salesforce implementation. 

Here are some features that you should look for when you start finding your own provider –

1. Process Oriented Services

Different providers follow different working models. The issue with ad-hoc working models never guarantees clear service level agreements or continuity in support whenever required. Process-oriented models are well built, well-placed services with clear Service Level agreements that can match your business requirements.

2. Facilitates Transitions to Platforms

You should look for the Salesforce Support service providers who facilitate transitions between platforms and implementations as a part of their services.

For example – if you are using the Classic UI and want to switch to the new Salesforce Lightning UI, your CRM assistant should do that for you.

Also, they should be able to analyze the impact on costing and the processes of the new implementation on your business for a better and guided decision.

3. Security and New Release Monitor

To maximize the impact of your system, you need to ensure that they are working on the same version, regardless of their business verticals. When there is a new major update or new feature release, it is obvious that it may make an impact on your processes.

Measure and monitor the new releases and security changes from time to time, analyze the impact in advance from the preview in the sandbox environment, and make you aware of each fact. This will help you decide whether to incorporate the releases at that time or how to do it for augmenting the benefits.

4. Data Optimization and Fixes

Data is the most important thing when you are running a business. Optimize your data, keeping your data compact, and maximize the ratio of cost and benefits, your SME should provide you a versatile and wide range of fixes and data optimizations from time to time.

You should get notifications for cleaning up the data. Your partner should include data back-up and disaster management plans set up according to your specific requirements and maintain the efficiency and health of your data system as a whole.

5. Fast Track Salesforce Integrations

Your service providers should accommodate Salesforce integrations with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and more as a part of their SLA. This is a non-mandatory but important aspect of any Salesforce Support service.

6. Technical Support

The major and most important thing you should look for when finding a good CRM Support service – is their in-depth and round the clock services.

You need expertise as well as experienced professionals to help you solve any issue with existing implementation, estimates, or new implementations/integrations 24*7 or whenever you need. A well written and optimum Service Level Agreement should be in place for each of the issues you face.

Finding a Support solution can be a tricky task. Small to large enterprises have their own custom business needs and it cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution. A good CRM services provider will help you managing incidents based on your business type, features, business vertical, or business type.

It should be able to handle data fixes, issues, hosting training sessions, managing your service desk, and more. You should look for an efficient team with a capacity-based working model, process-oriented Salesforce Support professional team with clear expectations with SLAs in place providing round the clock help according to your custom business needs.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of using Salesforce support solutions for your business, connect with the highly result-driven team of experts at AnavClouds Software Solutions, who consider your growth as theirs. Get in touch – info@anavcloudsoftwares.com

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