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How to Apply For Jobs in the Salesforce Industry

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  • August 9th, 2018
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Salesforce is one of the most popular cloud platforms around offering cloud based platform and software services. Salesforces’ suite of applications are rapidly being implemented in number of industry domains, benefiting global businesses of every shape and size.

Salesforce dot com or SFDC has shown a tremendous growth in the past and is expected to rise above every trade expectation with its popular customer success platform. With a tremendously promising future that is expected to grow even bigger in the coming years, opting for a career in salesforce domain would be the best choice for anyone with a good interest in information technology looking for a highly satisfying job profile.

Pre-requisites to be hired in the salesforce domain

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a hardcore programmer to learn and implement salesforce services. Having a sound knowledge of a programming language like Java is not necessary as most of the work in salesforce is done using already available tools.

Salesforce provides a clean and simple UI, which takes no more than a few clicks to get simple tasks done.

Salesforce offers two work profiles, namely administrator and developer field. The admin part requires only a sound knowledge of the salesforce environment to get started with intermediate tasks like automation and updates. To go further, the admin needs to learn the visual force in order to accomplish various components of UI and little more advanced programming to perform database operations on the data.

People looking to join the hardcore development field can learn Salesforce’s Apex programming language, which would not be tough for a person with an average knowledge of object-oriented concepts.

Consistent practice and prolific help available from various developer communities and user forumscan effectively aid the Salesforce administrators and developers to master their opted work field.

Salesforce Online Training – Learn With Industry Experts

How to apply ?

The easiest way to be hired is to get Salesforce certified. An authentic salesforce certification can prove to be a big plus point while applying for a job in the Salesforce domain. An applicant with at least an Admin(ADM 201) and Developer(DEV401) certification can get an extra edge during a job interview in the concerned field.

The applicant has to go through a standard screening and interview process, which allows the hiring managers to assess the skill sets and potential of the interviewee regarding the duties and job requirements. The recent industry trends predict an even better growth in the Salesforce domain, which would open a lot of career opportunities for the IT aspirants.

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