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How Marketing Cloud Boost Business ROI?

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  • August 14th, 2020
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Are you searching for a marketing automation platform that speaks to the clients with the right message, right tone and right time? Then Marketing Cloud for Salesforce is the product that you are seeking for.

Marketing Cloud powers 1:1 personalized service to your target audiences across a range of devices and channels. It builds a comprehensive view of a consumer. Marketing Cloud offers integrated solutions on email, mobile, web, social, customer journey management, content creation and management and data analysis. It covers every aspect of customer interactions and engagement. It provides real-time insights for driving your business growth.

Here is a dashboard for Marketing Cloud platform that provides insights:

Marketing Cloud Insight

In this post, we will cover some of the Marketing Cloud benefits and Marketing Cloud integration with Marketing Cloud Connector. First, let us delve into the benefits of Marketing Cloud. 

What are the benefits of Marketing Cloud?

Here are some of the Marketing Cloud benefits:

  • Create a targeted customer journey 
  • Engage customers across customer touch-point
  • Personalize with Intelligence 
  • Measure the Effectiveness of Campaigns with Metrics
  • Increase Net Promoter Score 
  • Predictive Segmentation with Einstein

1. Create a Targeted Customer Journey

Marketing Cloud enables you to adapt well to customer behavior by accelerating the customer digital channels and delivering messages to the target audience – at the right point in time. It established a lifelong experience with your brand with personalized interaction across the entire customer journey. 

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

2. Engage customers across Customer Touch-point

Increase customer engagement across all customer touch-points while leveraging a 360-degree view of your customers. It helps to connect discrete interactions from any channel as per the customer terms.

3.Personalize with Intelligence 

You can predict the best outcome for the customer and make targeted content recommendations. Track your user behavior with automated messaging based on individual preferences of the customers. This enables you to deliver personalized messages to all your customers with unique experiences for each individual. 

AI powered data forcasting

4. Measure the Effectiveness of Campaigns with Metrics

Marketing Cloud helps to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns as marketers. It provides real-time insights as interactions get aligned with your business goals. It can optimize the performance with the marketers testing out a whole lot of factors, It comes out with metrics such as channels, frequency and messages.

5. Increase Net Promoter Score(NPS) 

It can deliver personalized messages across channels by delivering intelligence-driven data all throughout the customer life cycle. It creates a positive perception of your brand. This increases purchases and renewals, customer satisfaction and referrals, thereby decreasing churns.

6. Provide Intelligent Analytics with Einstein

You can target customers to increase conversions and engagements for your email programs by using Einstein Engagement Scoring. You can use the same in Marketing Cloud for improved segmentation, create personalized content and segmentation and optimize the customer engagements. Einstein Engagement Frequency may provide suggestions on email frequencies for making valuable predictions. 

Einstein analytics dasboard

Einstein Lead Scoring is a data science-driven feature that has its models make use of machine learning and customer data to create a score for the subscribers. The scores are quite helpful in predicting the engagement with customers through tracking, segmenting and then targeting the audiences for your various campaigns. 

Moreover, Marketing Cloud also may use custom Lead Scoring with Journey Builder. The subscriber clicks and opens an email and the journey can set a custom field with a score. 

Here is a diagram on Einstein Lead Scoring with Journey Builder:

Einstein and journey builder

How Marketing Cloud Integrates with Salesforce CRM?

The reason for Marketing Cloud Integration with Salesforce CRM is to offer easy-to-configure functionality, proving beneficial for the marketers, sales and service reps and above all your clients with the product called Marketing Cloud Connect. 

Here is a diagram on the Marketing Cloud Connector:

Marketing Cloud Connector

Automatic Synchronization of Data 

Build highly targeted audiences for sending emails with such integrations with Marketing Cloud. The attributes of the data from the Marketing Cloud is combined with that from the CRM. 

This creates the target audience for emails, eradicating the need for importing data or scheduling any automation. It lets you personalize the messages as data becomes automatically available in the Marketing Cloud.

Connect Journey Builder with Sales, Service and Community Cloud

You can easily send emails, messages and push messages by listening to events that happen in the Salesforce CRM say a contact creates or a case closed while connecting Journey Builder and the Marketing Cloud by embarking the customer into a journey. 

As the customers react to the above messages, Journey Builder creates or updates the records on the Sales, Service and Community Clouds. When a new user joins the community, posts a comment or asks a query then you can trigger a journey by improving engagement. This represents connecting experiences across customer touch points. 


Marketing Cloud comes with a range of tools such as Journey Builder, Email Studio, Mobile Studio and many others and can send personalized messages for the targeted audiences across devices and channels. It comes with data science-driven features for making intelligent predictions for the marketers, You can also Marketing Cloud integration by synchronizing data from Marketing Cloud with Salesforce CRM using Marketing Connector. 

If you want to implement Marketing Cloud then you must choose the right Marketing Cloud expert. The expert must have a thorough knowledge of the cleaning and organizing the data before you start with the implementation. The right data has to be collected for use in the Marketing Cloud. 

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