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How To Get Potential Customers With Salesforce Integration?

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  • September 30th, 2021
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Today’s customers expect a better Customer Experience. Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM enables companies to improve the customer experience by identifying the customer needs and meeting their requirements, streamlining customer service. It is possible to leverage the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to reach out to potential customers with various tools. 

In this post, we will highlight these various tools which will enable you to get your prospective clients. Let us explore some of these tools.

How to leverage Key Salesforce Tools to get Prospective Customers?

The key tools are: 

  • Marketing Cloud Connect
  • Analytics Builder 
  • Content Builder 
  • Audience Builder 
  • Journey Builder
  • Personalization Builder 
  • Pardot

Marketing Cloud Connect

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect can create unitary customer relationships with data-driven, personalized conversations and automate the customer journey across all customer touchpoints with personalized content. It allows you to access the powerful Marketing tools within Sales and Service Clouds. It enables you to drive more leads into Salesforce with meaningful conversations for a consistent experience for your brand. 

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Analytics Builder 

Analytics Builder is a tool to allow you to get insights into the behaviours and interests of your contacts across various channels. It helps to measure the engagement and the performance of email campaigns, view contact behaviours, and create a targeted audience by using predictive behaviour models. The web and mobile analytics provide insights on the visitor behaviour of your mobile application or visitor behaviour. It enables you to set the marketing goals with the insights and also refine customer journeys. You can also quickly and easily create reports with the Reporting tool of the Marketing Cloud Analytics Builder. 

Content Builder

Content Builder is a content management tool that spans across channels and allows you to consolidate content, documents and images – all in a single location and then used in Marketing Cloud. It comes with an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface for increased efficiency. It helps you to put the searched information and the secondary research in the Marketing Cloud. 

Audience Builder 

It is possible to use Audience Builder with your Marketing Cloud account. It allows you to segment subscribers to target your mailing list, since it offers an instant and enhanced understanding of the customer behaviour and their attributes.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder offers cross-channel personalized experiences at each step of the customer lifecycle. It provides a seamless customer experience to connect with all the interactions across various channels such as email, advertising, mobile and web, along with the sales and service department.  It enables you to build personalized messages based on browsing behaviour, past history and attributes of your customers and harness the customer data from any source. It helps you to align your messages across diverse marketing channels and allows you to act proactively about changes in customer behaviour. It offers simple or complex personalized journeys to scale your business and leverage reporting to take the right actions based on the changing trends and performance and build branded journeys in Marketing Cloud.  

Personalization Builder 

Personalization Builder is part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and uses the power of predictive analytics to get insights on the buying preferences of each customer to deliver personalized content. This enables your brands to reach out to the target audience in an effective way, convert more leads, build loyal influencers, and reduce the online noise to hit the target audience. It throws light on the behavioural history of the customer, buying preferences and the real-time interactions to predict their future behaviour. 


Pardot is a B2B marketing automation tool that can help your sales team to close more deals, create meaningful connections and generate a sales pipeline. It offers to automate your marketing efforts with intelligent lead nurturing, responding to prospects at the right time. It fills up your sales funnel with high-quality leads by driving engagement with branded landing pages with templates. On top of these, it can share some key insights so that you make data-driven decisions to improve your marketing programs since reaching out to prospects becomes easier for the marketers with meaningful insights. 

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The above Salesforce Integration tools help to save the valuable time of your sales reps and marketers so that they do not waste time tracking the prospects and their behaviour and areas of interest. The Salesforce Integration tools provide valuable actionable insights to enable you to reach out to the prospects with their behavioural data across all touchpoints and make data-driven decisions to further improve your marketing efforts. 

AnavClouds Software Solutions, a top-notch, certified Salesforce Consultant company with a team of expert Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants can be your trusted partner for Salesforce Integration to deliver outstanding customer experience, fetch the best possible results and build a loyal customer base with their affordable, world-class Salesforce Integration services, at Indian rates, with a delivery centre in India and a faster turnaround time. 

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