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Future of Customer Experience with CRM

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  • August 9th, 2018
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 We all have entered into the era of intelligent, and integrated CRM. A CRM software is adopted by companies of all sizes and occupies the topmost slot among the enterprise software. The companies are adopting a CRM software for serving the purpose of customer experience, acquiring and retention of customers, improved productivity, customer satisfaction and many more, that drives their organization towards a better future.


 A CRM software must meet the customer-centric goals with predictive analytics, and a focus on customer needs and behavior. Customer Experience is the highest priority for today’s businesses. As per Gartner Experience Survey, 81 % of companies say that they compete fully or partially with CX.


 Customer Experience (CX) is the customer’s perception of how the company treats them. As found by PWC, a great customer experience offers everything – right from building loyal customers. 86 % of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. On the contrary, a bad experience drives away customers.


Moreover, a CRM enables the businesses to have a better insight with client interaction, providing them with greater opportunities to close more deals, categorize leads, increase referrals and revenue from existing customers, enhance products and services and optimize the overall business performance.

Technology acts as an enabler for CX. Evolving technology trends have a key role in the development of better customer experience in the coming future. Technologies like cloud, AI, IoT and social media have great potential to improve customer experience and management. It is a proven fact that an improved customer experience leads to an increase in retention, satisfaction and revenue. 

Here are technologies that can improve the CRM implementation in future.

Multi-channel approach

Increasing the number of channels to reach out to potential customers can ensure every possible customer area outreach is covered. Employing channels like voice, live chat, texts, social media and even providing self-service options can enable both sides to stay connected and exchange queries. Providing a consistent experience across all channels. An increasing number of companies invest in the omni-channel experience. As found by PWC, in 2020 the number of companies investing in omni-channel experience has jumped from 20 % to more than 80 %. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the key to improve customer support in unimaginable ways which ultimately leads to improvement of the customer experience. AI can easily manage customer data by categorizing it and segmenting it into targeted groups for sales and marketing teams. As per Statista, adoption of AI in CRM activities in the US leads to an increase in USD 394 in the next five years. 

Moreover, AI can use predictive analytics for supercharging the sales team with the ability to use lead scoring. AI-powered tools also help in sentiment analysis for the analysis of customer conversation with a virtual customer experience which does not reveal facial expressions for a proper understanding of the emotional state of the customer and offers the best response. Finally, AI reduces manual data entry and captures data from disparate sources across the entire customer lifecycle in the form of email, chatbots and telephonic conversations.

Virtual Assistants

AI-powered smarter virtual assistants will play a major role in customer experience by offering more developed solutions to customer queries. Virtual assistants can understand the behaviour of the client and can come up with a solution that is best suited for them. The Virtual Assistants offer remote helpers who can help your business with messages, client reactions, follow-ups and others. 

Mobile Experience 

Mobile customer services are all set to soar. Since a major amount of internet traffic comes from mobiles, as stated in StatCorner. The customer-centric companies, with an overwhelming number of 84 % are now focussed on a mobile customer experience. 57 % of customers fail to recommend a poorly designed website on mobile. Moreover, responsive design is highly recommended. 


 In an era of technological advancements, every business has accepted the importance of customer experience and its potential to generate increased revenue. Modern technology can revolutionize the area of customer experience in numerous ways. Businesses can stay connected to their target customers and better resolve their queries.


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