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Features of Feedback Management Solutions By Salesforce : Understanding in Uncertain Times

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  • August 24th, 2020
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In August 2020, Salesforce came out with its new suite of enterprise-level, integrated Feedback Management tools and surveys with the capability to provide businesses with real-time, actionable insights. It is built naively with Salesforce. It is a product that fulfills the requirements of both – customers and employees with the feedback which is offered. 

We are all living through a terrible time, that is the Coronavirus pandemic. Salesforce has come out with a product of this sort, keeping in mind how businesses across the globe are trying to operate as economies plan to reopen safely. 


Ashish Kothari,  SVP of Product Management for Salesforce Industries says “As organizations continue to manage through reopening safely, it’s more important than ever that they understand the changing needs and expectations of their key stakeholders”.  He added  “With that in mind, Salesforce is introducing Feedback Management.


Moreover, today’s businesses always seek personalized experiences. But, not many organizations live up to the expectations. Customer Relationships cannot flourish without the client’s feeling of appreciation.  As per the State of the Connected Customer Report, 2019 only a mere 51 % of customers believe that companies manage to understand their needs or expectations.   

In this post, we will provide insights on what all are the new features of the Salesforce Feedback Management system. Let us explore. 


What are the Top Features of Feedback Management Solutions from Salesforce?


Offer Unified Feedback and Customer Data:

Businesses can pull the data that is available on the Salesforce platform. This data is then made available to the Customer Survey question say item purchased, service rep’s name as well as survey data. This way the surveyor gets further personalized questions and context. 

The response is mapped with Salesforce, automatically creating or updating a specific field. This way the feedback gets attached with Salesforce in pursuit of real-time, actionable insights that enable your business to make the right decision making. 


Send Surveys at Optimal Points of Interactions

Automate the surveys based on your interactions with clients, partners and employees. You can now create one-click surveys and embed them within your emails. The Feedback Management Solutions automate the feedback collection across a wide array of channels – portals, bots and service centres. It can embed surveys across various functions of your organizations – sales, marketing or services. 

An ideal example to cite is retailers reopening their physical locations and gathering the feedback from their clients, no sooner than when they leave the actual stores, thereby bringing about an improvement in the new in-store experiences.


Improve Customer Experiences

Create follow-up actions based on the response from the surveys. It enables you to track the net promoter and customer satisfaction scores, spanning across the customer lifecycle. 

feedback management by Salesforce

You can derive actionable insights by building intelligent dashboards by harnessing the power of Einstein Analytics for obtaining insights from the customer or employee feedback. A good example is that of an insurance company drilling down into the customer satisfaction scores of policy- holders. 


Gain in-depth Insights with Einstein Analytics

in-depth Insights

It is possible to compare questions inside a single survey or even across surveys and then analyze the responses for finding out whether different parts of your business are faring well or not based on trends. It displays the trends across Customer Lifecycle Maps or predefined journeys. It lets you know when to edit or update the surveys based on the response as well as engagement rates. 


Automate Feedback across Various Journeys

Automate Feedback

Create Lifecycle Maps for accounts and for various types of journeys related to customers, partners or employees. You can even customize the journeys by identifying the key stages of interaction where feedback matters. It is important to align the surveys based on these interactions. 


Ensure Accurate Results

accurate result

The Feedback Management solutions allow the customer to send the feedback with no need to leave the chat window.Post Chat Surveys reduce the need for recalling information and provide accurate information. 


Salesforce has come out with a new suite of products called  Salesforce Feedback Management system that enables your business to provide better response to customer and employee needs with powerful insights. 

We all are living in the times of a pandemic and as businesses all over the world are reopening, they need to know the response of their important stakeholders – customers and employees.

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