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Converting Visitors Into Leads with Salesforce Web-to-Lead

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  • July 23rd, 2021
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During this pandemic, more and more companies are riding the Digital bandwagon with an initiative of digital marketing. Attracting visitors is an important aspect and this is possible only through digital marketing. You would definitely not like the visitors to visit just once and then move away to some competitor’s website. It is critically important to convert these visitors into new leads and this is where Salesforce Web-to-lead plays an important role.

One of the ways to convert these visitors is directing them to a form, published in the website, whereby they fill in the necessary information such as demographics, interests in your products or services with a procedure and then you simply turn them into leads based on their interests. Web-to-lead is a sales and marketing technique which involves a well-designed form that has all the necessary details on the visitors such as interest in the products and services and key information related to the visitors.

Salesforce Web-to-lead offers various benefits, What are these?


What are the benefits of Salesforce Web to Lead ?

The benefits of Web-to-lead are:

  • It is a critical part of sales and marketing automation.
  • It allows you to create a lead record in Salesforce installation, and lead scoring and qualification adopted, and directed to the sales reps.
  • It can automatically generate leads based on the prospecting data from the website visitors.
  • Redirect the prospects to other websites as well to ensure successful campaigns.
  • Use Pardot web handlers within Salesforce web to lead forms to use Pardot’s web analytics for source and campaign tracking.


What are the steps to Setup Web to lead form in Salesforce?

The steps to setup Web to Lead form are:


  • Go to Setup->Quick Find Box->Select Web-to-lead.
  • Click Edit to change or enable the web-to-lead settings and enable the checkbox of web-to-lead (with this checkbox enabled the leads get created in your org) or reject the leads without verification.


  • Set a Default Lead Creator, from any users in your organization who gets listed as a creator for online creation of leads.
  • Select Require ReCAPTCHA Verification to avoid spams



  • Specify a Default Response Template, when you require to automate email replies directed to the prospects. Here it is possible to set up response rules for using different email templates as per the information from the prospects. This default response template is used with no auto-response rules. It is important to mark the templates Available for Use.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Web-to-lead form and select the necessary fields to create form that captures prospect details.
  3. Click Generate after the users submit their information and direct them to the specified complete URL.


Some important Points to Note

Some important points while using a Salesforce web-to-lead are:

  • All universally required fields must have a value before creating a record, Salesforce runs field validation rules before creating records which are submitted through web-to-lead
  • Salesforce does not support rich text area (RTA) fields for web-to-lead
  • It is possible to use the reCAPTCHA field only with live websites.




Salesforce web-to-lead has assumed greater importance during the pandemic as organizations are jumping on the digital landscape to jumpstart their business and they want to convert their visitors into leads and stay ahead of competitors.


Salesforce allows capturing information about the prospects with web-to-lead forms and then saving the data as lead records and start the customer journey with the prospects. So, it allows you to easily get leads from your website and then save them in the Salesforce CRM. Your sales and marketing team can use this technique to connect with the interested visitors, plan targeted campaigns and then send follow ups automatically to the prospects, convert the visitors into leads based on their interests.


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