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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App on Demand Business nowadays must be kept live day in and day out to cater the needs of a rising customer base. With On Demand servicesbecoming extensively popular clients can now.

Salesforce Introduces Vaccine Cloud for Recovering from Covid-19

Salesforce Vaccine Cloud. Global Vaccine Management is a priority for all businesses during this horrible pandemic. Salesforce is trying to transform vaccine administration securely for various organizations with concrete steps. Salesforce introduced Vaccine Cloud recently on January 21, 2021. It

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Enhanced Productivity with Einstein Search: Working Smarter and Faster 

Since ages people have searched phone books for phone numbers or even searched for books in the library catalogues. With the advent of the internet, all these appear easier, as we have sophisticated browsers for searching the items of interest. 

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Introduction to Salesforce Scratch org

Scratch Orgs are a new type of org that is applied for the Salesforce DX environment, acting as the capabilities of Salesforce DX environment. Salesforce DX is a set of tool that serves the purpose of improved collaboration and productivity

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Salesforce and Hubspot Integration: A Step by Step Guide

Salesforce and Hubspot Integration: A Step by Step Guide  Salesforce is a premium CRM software in the world and helps to improve the customer experience for companies of sizes and across a wide range of industries.  When Salesforce is integrated

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Salesforce Pardot vs Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud and Pardot are both marketing automation software. Which one to choose? Marketing Cloud is one of the most popular cloud-based product from Salesforce but Pardot offers a marketing automation solution that closes higher number deals with intelligent lead

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How Beneficial is Salesforce Marketing Cloud for the Retail Industry?

  In the last decade or so the retail industry has undergone a massive transformation. Today’s retail customers require personalized messages and special offers catering to their needs. The retail industry must adapt to new technologies and realign its business

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Salesforce Partner Navigation Program 2021

Partners holding big jigsaw puzzle pieces

  Salesforce has bought into the Navigator model for its Consulting Partner program. The Partner Navigator Program is about driving the success of your precious customers. Salesforce emphasizes a lot on the Partner Ecosystem. Salesforce wants the partner community to

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Salesforce Signs Agreement to acquire Slack

  Salesforce and Slack have recently agreed with each other, on December 1, 2020. The agreement is on acquiring Slack. Slack is a channel-based messaging platform that can drive their business ahead and align the teams. Slack offers an enterprise-grade

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Salesforce Revenue Cloud: Drive the Growth of Your Business

Covid-19 has left a remarkable impact on businesses such as disruption of sales channels, change in customer needs all of a sudden with deals stalled, and forecasting data becoming unreliable. But, despite all changes, the pandemic has not changed one

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Salesforce Hyperforce: Grow Your Business Faster at Scale

Salesforce is the world’s # 1 CRM and provides a single source of truth connecting customer data across systems, devices and apps and carry out commerce from anywhere. Salesforce Hyperforce is a complete reimagined architecture of Salesforce acting as a

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