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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App on Demand Business nowadays must be kept live day in and day out to cater the needs of a rising customer base. With On Demand servicesbecoming extensively popular clients can now.

Boost Team Productivity with Quip

While working, every time your team is working on a document or a spreadsheet the change has to be communicated in an email. Quip makes your life less complex and offers a platform for fluid communications across the various departments.

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Consolidation of Multiple Salesforce Orgs: Best Practices

There are various reasons why your business may use multiple Salesforce orgs. The most common reasons for multiple orgs are for those businesses which experience rapid growth due to mergers or acquisitions and companies which sell multiple products and sell

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How Important is Appointment Economy for Field Service during the pandemic?

With the Covid-19 pandemic around the corner, the pandemic has caused disruptions in the area of field services. Due to the pandemic, today’s companies are emerging with a novel kind of Appointment Economy. Why? Because technicians travel a lot for

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Salesforce CPQ: Important Features for Your Organization

Salespeople mostly spend their time doing not so important tasks such as writing proposals, generating quotes quickly, rather than spending time in closing deals. Your organization can close deals for quicker revenue generation with more automated sales and less manual

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Introducing Salesforce Sandboxes

Quite often multiple developers work on the same developer org and the other team members must work on their development environment. After the development, separate environments are required for testing and training purposes. So, before implementation, every stage of SDLC

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Salesforce Education Cloud: Improving Enrollment Management with Personalized Experience

The Covid-19 pandemic is leaving an indelible impact on the higher education industry, in a way which could not be thought of in the recent past. In this scenario, enrollment management occupies critical importance.  In the words of Deloitte’s annual

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Breaking Top 5 Myths about Scratch Orgs & Salesforce DX

Does your business require a modern developer experience that changes the way your Salesforce developers create applications? Then Salesforce DX is the right answer, as it offers an integrated, end-to-end lifecycle for achieving higher performance with Agile methodologies. Salesforce DX

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7 Reasons Why You Choose Salesforce CRM for Your Business

The greatest advantage for using a CRM lies in the fact that everything related lies in one place. CRM can record, manage or analyze the customers interactions as the lead moves through the sales pipeline. A CRM Software builds relationships

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Salesforce Partner Community

Enroll in the Salesforce Partner Community for Driving your Business Growth Salesforce strikes a deal with business partners to achieve goals that are impossible to attain all by yourself. This saves your valuable time so that you can focus on

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Salesforce Integration with G-Suite

Salesforce Integration with G-Suite for Increasing Productivity of Your Team.   It is critically important for the sales team of any organization to work on the prospects and close the deals as they primarily want to spread good words around

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