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Boost Team Productivity with Quip

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  • April 28th, 2021
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While working, every time your team is working on a document or a spreadsheet the change has to be communicated in an email. Quip makes your life less complex and offers a platform for fluid communications across the various departments. It not only helps your team to work better and faster but also offers high-quality work. This in turn results in happier, satisfied customers.

What is Quip? 

Quip is a combination of Google docs and Slack. It is a word processing app and can integrate with the Salesforce platform. There are many features of Quip which are beneficial for your team as stated in the Salesforce Winter 20 Release.

quip integration

Why Use Quip?

Many of your data reside outside Salesforce in the form of spreadsheets, emails, documents, and notes. This makes it difficult for the team to succeed. In such a situation the single source of truth is missing as in the case of the Salesforce CRM. It is important for the sales reps to spend more time on selling.

Salesforce Quip helps to deal with the unstructured data such as feedback, conversations, and structured data residing inside Salesforce. Quip helps to close deals faster by dealing with both structured and unstructured data when used inside Salesforce. Quip is related to the productivity of your employees.

What are these benefits?

Quip offers the following benefits:

  • Provide a single source of truth for structured and unstructured data.
  • Work better and faster.
  • Bring efficiency and transparency.
  • Enable your team to work on the same document by keeping cross-functional teams on a single page.
  • Streamline business processes on feedback and approvals.
  • Manage deals with higher efficiency to save time for your sales team with actionable close plans.
  • Ensure faster deals with live data and team collaboration.

Features of Quip

The features of Quip are:

  • Mention
  • Comments and Conversations’
  • Quip Slides
  • Live Apps
  • Quip Shield


You can use @mention to add names, images, documents, Live apps by simply pressing Shift + 2 keys. This enables you to add a comment to a colleague or send a document, using the @sign. You can use @mention to bring the team’s conversation into your document, with no need to follow up emails.  

Comments and Conversations

These are panes to share your documents and data with the members of your team and the customers as well. Quip allows you to carry on with real-time conversations with others for changes needed, right on the document. Quip comes with emojis to express how you feel. So, there is no need to send ad hoc emails. This helps in faster feedback and also orderly documents, not dispersed everywhere. The latest version of Quip provides comments and edits for everyone. 

Quip Slides

Quip comes with a collaborative slide deck that serves the purpose of real-time feedback and live deal feeds to capture feedback and ensure faster decision-making. Quip offers real-time notifications and Live deal feeds to achieve your revenue goals. This enables you to motivate your team to win big deals and offers visibility for your business.

You can get valuable insights on which all deals are closing and the reasons for the pushing out of the deals if any. It also provides useful metrics on your closing numbers with live sales data displayed in the form of graphs and tables. The feedback prompts on the slides offer inputs on how to carry forward your project by taking polls and answering your queries. There is a vote via polls to provide instant answers. It also helps your team to collaborate, anytime and anywhere as these are optimized for any screens.

Live Apps

The Live Apps offer various benefits such as improve collaboration, enhance efficiency and also help in version control. You can use customizable apps inside the Quip to ensure better performance from your team. You can also bring all the apps and work for your project and save the valuable time of your team by avoiding toggling tools from one to another. It also adds a custom process bar inside your document. There is a Live Calendar app(@calendar) for managing dates and using the Kanban board(@Kanban) to organize your teamwork with the movement of cards from column to column by, say, dragging the card to the done category.

Quip Shield

Technology may increase the productivity of your employees, but exposes your organization to vulnerabilities such as security risks. Quip Shield addresses the issue of increasing compliance requirements and penalties as the data now resides in the cloud and protects sensitive information with powerful security. And at the same time, it helps your team to work faster and collaboratively, anytime, anywhere on mobile devices to grow your business.

Salesforce and Quip Integration

Salesforce has come out with some new features in the Winter 20 release. It is easier for your team to collaborate on the everyday Salesforce data with the following features:

  • Log A Call
  • List Views
  • Live Report Enhancements

Log A Call

The team members collaborate and log a call within the Salesforce workspace so that the sales reps can easily access customer information. This ensures no more switching back and forth between Salesforce documents and Quip.

List Views

It is possible to seamlessly add Salesforce list views to a Quip document. Update the lists, add notes to the lists to ensure that your team is all set to collaborate with up-to-date information with a real-time syncing or refreshing of the data.

Live Report Enhancements

This reduces the necessity to send emails, back and forth on the latest data. It is now possible to embed Salesforce inside the Quip document and even choose live data with real-time data, from anywhere. There is also a need to copy and paste the updated reports. The live Salesforce data can be pulled with @mention to add reports and that makes it easier to share and discuss the opportunities for a specific account.

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The enhanced functionalities of Quip as stated in the Winter 20 release helps to justify your CRM investment with maximum benefits. Quip can foster real-time collaboration and boost productivity. Moreover, it notifies on changes made to enable you to focus on more important matters. Quip is highly secure and protects your highly sensitive information. Finally, It is user-friendly and intuitive for the user.

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