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Benefits of Salesforce Geo location in Different Industries

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  • August 9th, 2018
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Benefits of Geolocation in Different Industries

Geo location is among the most advanced tracking technologies used to correctly determine or estimate a geographic location of an object such as a smart phone or a network-operated computer. This technology closely relates to other positioning systems but with added benefits that can favor business, trade and field work of the sales team. Geo location effectively uses latitude and longitude coordinates to map a meaningful location. Geo location services use either the IP address of a connected device or RFID tag for accurate address mapping.

Benefits of location-based marketing via Geo location service

Most of the sales teams are en-cashing the benefits of location-based marketing to convert both offline and online traffic into long-term customers.

Location-based marketing effectively diminished the sales barriers. The companies can now know how the people around them can be attracted to have a business with them.

Apart from providing an extra edge with the search engine rankings, the location based services also provide detailed analysis of the location based marketing technique.

Geolocation field in Salesforce

Salesforce also provides location based services through its custom location field, which allows the user to identify locations by the means of latitude, longitude and variable geocode field.

Salesforce offers the service via its compound field, which stores Longitude and Latitude to track near-accurate location of the desired object. It uses SOQL for customized code execution that can be integrated in Salesforce standard feature for a seamless and efficient experience.

Geolocation in Salesforce can be applied to easily specify the physical location of contacts, leads and objects such as stores, meeting points, warehouses etc. Salesforce developers can leverage their knowledge of SOQL, APIs, Workbench or any Geo-Coding service for an automated process of Latitude and Longitude field inputs in the records based on address information.

Benefits of salesforces’ geo location service:

  • Field agents or techies can easily plot destination spots on the map to provide an easy and efficient servicing.

  • The user can effectively calculate the commuting costs between customer location and prospect location from the office or warehouse.

  • Real time tracking of sales and service staff via App-exchange in Salesforce.

  • Calculating query resolution time based on the client location and company’s field asset availability.

With continuous ongoing development in the field of geo location implementation in Salesforce, almost every business is expected to benefit in terms of field sales and client servicing. At AnavCloud Softwares, a team of highly qualified professionals readily provide business-centric custom Salesforce solutions to boost your online business to new heights. Contact us today for an effective salesforce implementation into your business model. Visit us at https://www.anavcloudsoftwares.com or call us on our numbers for any technical assistance +91 858 8852503, +91 774 2029535

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