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An extensive guide to Salesforce Service Cloud

salesforce service cloud

  Salesforce is a popular CRM platform that is used to connect information and people. The sales force service cloud allows the users to streamline workflows and automate service processes. The major purpose is to encourage the development of one

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Benefits of Salesforce Geo location in Different Industries

benefits of geo location

Geo location is among the most advanced tracking technologies used to correctly determine or estimate a geographic location of an object such as a smart phone or a network-operated computer. This technology closely relates to other positioning systems but with added benefits that can favor business, trade and field work of the sales team. Geo location effectively uses latitude and longitude coordinates to map a meaningful location. Geo location services use either the IP address of a connected device or RFID tag for accurate address mapping.

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How to Implement Salesforce Migration in Simple Steps?


How to implement Salesforce migration in simple steps ? Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM model that helps conduct and boost online sales. It is highly customizable and is mainly used to automate the business process such as automated email campaigns,

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App on Demand

on demand app development

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mobile App on Demand? Business nowadays must be kept live day in and day out to cater the needs of a rising customer base. With On-Demand services becoming extensively popular, clients can

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7 Tips to Improve Your Customer Service Standards

Customer Servicing Standards

7 Tips to Improve your Customer Service Standards Business in today’s world has come far ahead of the conventional demand-delivery approach. Customers now seek great products along with an even better user experience. Companies come up with great business tactics

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Salesforce Implementation Services – Build your Business the Right Way


Salesforce Implementation Services – Build your Business the Right Way! Salesforce is an on-demand CRM model aimed at improving workplace productivity and customer satisfaction. It offers various cloud-based solutions that can tremendously boast your business across online media. Implementation of

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Salesforce Lightning Connect – OData, Pricing, Implementation and Limitations

Salesforce Lightning Connect

We all know Salesforce as the # 1 CRM of the world. Traditionally, there was only one way to integrate data with Salesforce and that was to use ETL (extract, transform and load) tools. But all this has changed now

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What makes Salesforce world’s no. 1 CRM platform?

What makes Salesforce

Created with the vision of reinventing customer relationship management, Salesforce is the world’s number one CRM platform today. It is very simple and easy to use for both small businesses and large enterprises. With cloud-based applications for managing sales, service

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Interesting Facts on the Impact of Salesforce on the Tech World

Interesting Facts on the Impact of Salesforce on the Tech World big

Salesforce CRM platform efficiently manages the most important goal of your business – customer satisfaction. Salesforce offers a holistic experience through its Customer 360-degree platform as it enhances every aspect of your relationship with prospects and existing customers, from sales

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5 Challenges Mobile App Developers Face Today

Mobile App Developers Face Today

5 Challenges Mobile App Developers Face Today Mobile apps have become increasingly popular over the recent years for both customers and employees. If you hear businesses, especially e-commerce ones, a majority of their sales come from mobile devices. At the

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