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Salesforce Partner Community

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  • February 24th, 2021
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Enroll in the Salesforce Partner Community for Driving your Business Growth

Salesforce strikes a deal with business partners to achieve goals that are impossible to attain all by yourself. This saves your valuable time so that you can focus on running your business with a Salesforce business partnership. The Salesforce Partner Community acts almost like a village, meant for your business. 


Salesforce has built an entire community of Salesforce partners as the Salesforce ecosystem allows you to reach out to your clients, resolving issues on behalf of them and improve customer experience. 


Salesforce extends help to the partner communities in the form of providing essential resources – right from the planning stage up to driving your business growth. Salesforce resources include tools and enablements to drive your business growth.  

In the words of Tyler Prince, EVP Industries and Partners, Salesforce the company is in a leadership position in delivering the personalized experiences as per the customer expectations, driving unprecedented growth for the partners, across industries, all throughout the world. 


Salesforce Partner Community has partners across a range of industries, in pursuit of knowledge and share them with peer-to-peer 

networking. The Salesforce Partner Community delivers the following:

  • Connect with the Partner Community. 
  • Drive Innovation with the latest technology. 
  • Drive your business growth. 


Salesforce Partner Ohana 

Ohana in Hawaiian culture represents a family inclusive of blood-relations, intentional or adopted members, responsible for one another. This very Ohana culture is deep-seated in the Salesforce ecosystem, as Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce makes sure that this acts as a support system for partners, clients and others. Salesforce Partner Community establishes an effective collaboration between the partners and indulges in taking care of each other. 


How to Enroll for the Salesforce Partner Community?

There are two types of Salesforce partners, ISV and Consulting partners. You can onboard the Salesforce Partner Community, with the following steps:

  • Sign-up for the Partner Community
  • Complete Application Process


Sign up for the Salesforce Partner Community

The first-step comprises joining the partner program for the ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) for the Consultants. This requires a sign-up with the partner community. How to go about this?


Before joining the Salesforce Partner Community ecosystem your business must have its own Salesforce login and use the same credentials to sign up for the Salesforce Partner Community. You can only avail of these login credentials by signing up for a free Salesforce Developer Edition org. 


The partner program extends beyond increasing sales. The more prestigious of the partner programs is the Consulting Partner Program. This enables your business to generate job opportunities as well as unprecedented levels of revenue.


Salesforce is instrumental in driving massive growth for its partner community. As per IDC, Salesforce will generate 4.2 million jobs and 1.2 trillion $ in revenue from 2019 to 2024. 


Other than this Salesforce Partner program helps in the reskilling of talents, train the future Trailblazer talents as well as train the partners. Salesforce allows you to learn new skills using the trailhead.  


The potential Salesforce partner often has existing Salesforce accounts because they are clients or previously using a Salesforce Developer edition.  However, it is advisable not to use such credentials, for signing up for the partner program. 


There is a signup wizard that offers two options for the new and the existing partners. AppExchange is the place where you may search for an existing partner. Either you are the first person to sign-up for the Partner program or someone else from your organization may have signed up earlier. 


Your organization registers with Salesforce only once. Everyone gets connected to the partner account irrespective of the org used. The signup wizard also displays the legal agreement terms, agreed by the partners, signed up annually. Your access to the partner community is restricted without an agreement to these terms. 


Complete Application Process

The new partners must agree to these terms and conditions, even before starting with the application process.


What are the Resources Available for the Partners?

Some of the resources available for the partners to gather know-how on the Salesforce Partner Community are:

  • Engage with Partners through Collaboration Groups
  • Access Trailhead Resources
  • Track the Partner Training Program
  • Gather Information on Current Events


Engage with Partners through Collaboration Groups

Collaboration groups help you to build engagement with partners and other employees as well. The groups use chatter for online discussions and get real-time updates. The various available types of collaboration groups are Questions and Answers, Alerts for Partners, Partner Roadmap, Releases Relevant to Partners, and others. 

Access Trailhead Resources

Trailhead acts as a great resource for providing relevant information for the newly joined partners. Salesforce Partners gather insights from the following:

  • Build Apps with AppExchange
  • Build Practice as a Consulting Partner


Track the Partner Training Program

There is a dashboard to track your partner training program. This showcases the certifications earned and the Trailhead progress.  


Gather Information on Current Events

You may access information related to ongoing activities in the Salesforce partner program such as broadcasted information for all partners, technical notices, product changes and updates. 



Salesforce has an Ohana Culture for bonding with its partners. Salesforce helps its partner community to create a go-to-market strategy, acquire skill sets, and plan your app marketing strategy with a set of innovative tools and expertise. The resources in the Partner Community can make your business profitable. Moreover, the partners provide you with the right kind of opportunities for jobs for the professionals and grow your business. Finally, the Salesforce Partner program aids in reskilling of talents train the future Trailblazer talents as well as carries out training for the partners. 

AnavCloud is part of the Salesforce Partner Community USA and is a renowned, registered Salesforce Consulting partner and a part of a huge pool of 150,000 like-minded companies and a community of certified experts and evangelists. We offer a wide range of services on custom development, implementation and integration services on Salesforce and its allied cloud-based products.

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