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7 Ways Salesforce Health Cloud Can Improve Patient Experience

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  • November 17th, 2020
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Cloud technologies have transformed the healthcare industries in a novel way. Salesforce Health Cloud offers outstanding patient care in the form of strong collaborative experience with patients and givers with a 360-degree view of the customer. It can handle the complexities of Salesforce Healthcare solutions for its clients. It becomes imperative during these horrible times of Covid-19 when there is no way other than adopting advanced technologies for solving healthcare-related challenges. 

Moreover, Salesforce Health Cloud can collate all data with a holistic and unified view of customers. Salesforce Health Cloud provides 1:1 management of data with patient profile build using data from disparate sources such as EMRs, medical devices and wearables. 

As said by Andrew Chang, Executive Director of Marketing and Physician Outreach at Piedmont Healthcare says that “Salesforce has enabled us to engage with our patients and help them get easier access to care, on their terms, by personalizing how we connect with them and using new ways to book appointments online.”

Furthermore, Health Cloud offers patients with more control over the healthcare journey and provides a personalized approach to the services. Salesforce Health Cloud understands the needs of the patients as today’s customers demand more out of products and services. Today’s customers have higher demands from the services and products of your organization. 

Challenges for the Health Cloud Services

Healthcare providers must overcome challenges. Here are challenges for Health Cloud Services:

  • Provide the right data, at the right time and to the right provider.
  • Mitigate and control diseases for ensuring personalized services.
  • Offer greater transparency,  and access to information through the Healthcare system.
  • Provide Secure Services and monitor remote services.

7 Ways to Improve Patient Experience with Health Cloud

The many ways Salesforce Health Cloud offers a patient-centric experience are:

Engage Patients Across Any Devices

The health Cloud offers services that can engage patients across any device and collaborate across the entire healthcare system for rendering enhanced health outcomes. The personalized experience is rendered connecting EHR data, preferences of patients, and treatment plans.

Build Trust Among the Customers

The insurance plans help to build trust and lasting relationships with the members. Health Cloud offers a seamless experience that retains business in today’s digital landscape. It can ensure you to achieve the best outcome for the members with personalized care, streamline authorization requests with the utilization management. 

Build Scalability of Streamlined Experiences

Health Cloud offers services to streamline processes to reduce complexities. It helps to drive business innovation, and reduce the level of business complexity as well as improves the impact of the patient support system.

Integrate with Mobile Devices

One of the functions of Salesforce Health Cloud CRM is to integrate data across devices and platforms. The integration with mobile apps is one of the key reasons for adopting the Salesforce Health Cloud. Another reason for adopting Salesforce Health Cloud is to collect data from mobile devices for rendering personalized experiences. The mobile devices build faster connectivity with the patients. 

Provide Improved Customer Feedback

Services with constant Customer Feedback is the cornerstone of any health care devices. It becomes imperative to better understand the clients for improved services. Healthcare companies can build a higher level of customer loyalty by listening to patients and finding solutions to customer feedback. 

Tackle Healthcare Emergencies

It is possible to offer remote services with Health Cloud, to track and monitor the health of patients with real-time monitoring. This way it becomes possible to monitor a patient’s health with data. The system sends alerts at the right time for medical intervention, Moreover, it enables the healthcare professionals to reach quickly to the place where the services need to be provided. 

Improve Patient Engagement 

IoT-based healthcare systems offer comprehensive, end-to-end healthcare solutions. Managing the minute details of the healthcare services with real-notifications of healthcare related issues such as decrease in medical supplies and workforce required for the services, 

There are cloud-based patient engagement solutions to ensure continuous care and monitoring for better outcomes. Data is presented in the form of patient-centric experiences and ensures patient satisfaction with engaging and simple content. This results in an optimized patient outcomes, 


Cloud technologies have transformed the healthcare industry in a novel way. A new Healthcare System must be ready to face challenges in the healthcare industry. During these uncertain times of a pandemic, the healthcare solutions for enhanced patient engagement and achievement of better outcomes, The healthcare systems must drive higher patient engagement for all the stakeholders of the healthcare system with advanced technologies such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

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