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7 Reasons Why You Choose Salesforce CRM for Your Business

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  • March 15th, 2021
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The greatest advantage for using a CRM lies in the fact that everything related lies in one place. CRM can record, manage or analyze the customers interactions as the lead moves through the sales pipeline. A CRM Software builds relationships with potential clients till they are converted into customers, when they are ready to purchase.  

Salesforce, is the world’s  # 1 CRM that can transform your business to make it into a growing business. In 2021, Salesforce has posted a revenue growth 20 % or more, over the past few years. The fiscal 2021 revenue for Salesforce was $ 21.25  billion., up by 24 % than the previous year. 

In the words of Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO, Salesforce the company had an incredible performance even during this pandemic. He said  “We had a record quarter and year by innovating more and faster than ever, enabling our customers to be successful from anywhere, and becoming more relevant and strategic than ever. And we continued to serve all of our stakeholders in a time when they needed it most.” 

When you are ready to buy Salesforce, not missing out on the bandwagon of generating massive growth for your organization, you must try and understand the benefits offered by Salesforce.

  • Let us now delve into these benefits, right away. 
  • What are the Benefits of Salesforce CRM?
  • The benefits offered by Salesforce CRM are:
  • Provide Scalable Customer Management

The prospective clients for your business convert to customers alongside existing customers that gives you a steady flow of business. The prospects come in the form of contacts. Also, your business needs a CRM that matches the specific customer requirements.  

Salesforce CRM helps in customer management. It offers you with the much-required Agility and scalability needed for today’s successful enterprises. Salesforce enables you to stay ahead of your competitors. You can better understand where you are with the customers and the steps to take to make them happy.

Grow Your Business

Salesforce CRM offers a comprehensive view and the previous interactions with the customers. It gives the status on pending invoices and orders as well as the transaction histories. Salesforce CRM not only stores the contact information but qualifies the leads for taking effective efforts. 

Additionally, the Salesforce CRM platform builds extensibility and scalability to provide the tools that you need to grow. The CRM offers real-time information on clients and closed deals. To cite an example, Salesforce Sales Cloud gives you multiple platforms for driving your company’s growth.


Provide IT Infrastructure

With a growing organization, you need to collaborate with the sales initiatives, share your Salesforce CRM data with colleagues, and access information from smartphones, while on the go, anytime.  

The Salesforce platform allows you to create innovative mobile apps to take advantage of micro-moments of productivity throughout the day. Enterprises save by using Salesforce mobile apps to approve a custom quote or to target specific tasks, using a smartphone device.


Provide Comprehensive Customer View

You can connect your Salesforce CRM with other cloud-based services such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud for a complete view of customers, across various departments. The Salesforce CRM insights help your business to predict the trends and patterns for finding solutions beforehand by anticipating the questions well in advance – well before they become issues for customer service. 


Visualize with Intuitive Reporting

Salesforce CRM allows you to pull data from disparate sources. It offers the Dashboard feature to visualize information to make it easy for you to understand. The Sales Managers of your organization need to know the performance of salespeople and their progress. Salesforce offers data -driven insights for your business with automated reports. You can create reports quickly and easily, using the Salesforce platform. 


Increase Employee Productivity

As per the Harvard Business Review, “fifty-two percent of performing salespeople identified themselves as power users who take advantage of the company’s CRM technology.” 0

When your business adopts the right technology such as Salesforce CRM then it performs the process-heavy tasks and leaves sufficient time to connect with the customers.  Automation, through Salesforce, saves the  precious time of your employees, so that they can devote more time in successfully driving your business. The time saved is then utilized better in meaningful activities such as customer conversations and building relationships with the existing clients – taking your business to the next level.


Improve Customer Retention

As per Harvard Business Review “5 % reduction in customer defection rate can increase profits by 25-85 %. “ 

Salesforce CRM builds transparency with customer histories, cases or campaigns that can enable businesses to make efficient purchases or have effective, and efficient service experiences. This increases customer retention by converting the already existing customers to repeat customers, driving higher customer satisfaction with increase in CSAT scores.


Salesforce CRM offers your business with the much needed Agility and scalability for building efficient enterprise-scale solutions. Salesforce integrates seamlessly for today’s retailers for an e-commerce integration – for both B2C and B2B Customers.  

Moreover, Salesforce CRM offers a 360-degree view of customers. Salesforce CRM  automates your business processes, to save the valuable time of the employees and enhances employee productivity, so that they devote more time in successfully growing your business. 

Furthermore, the Salesforce CRM shares data with colleagues, and helps you to access information from smartphones, while on the go. Finally, Salesforce drives higher customer satisfaction, for higher conversions of existing customers into a repeat customer. . 

AnavCloud Software Solutions is a top-notch, Certified Salesforce Consulting partner. It offers cost-efficient, custom development, integration and implementation services. AnavCloud’s Salesforce Custom Development Services transform your business and take your business to the next level.

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