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5 Challenges Mobile App Developers Face Today

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  • June 12th, 2018
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5 Challenges Mobile App Developers Face Today

Mobile apps have become increasingly popular over the recent years for both customers and employees. If you hear businesses, especially e-commerce ones, a majority of their sales come from mobile devices. At the same time, employees also prefer gaining mobile accessibility to work-related information.

This increased demand for innovative custom mobile apps has posed several challenges for mobile app developers across the globe, regardless of whether they work for Android or iOS platform. Few challenges that most mobile app developers face today are:

Mobile apps that can gain popularity

The biggest challenge that most developers face is to develop applications that would stand out from the crowd and would get noticed by prospects. Developers continuously work hard to develop applications that are pleasing, functional and useful to their targeted audience.

Device compatibility

Earlier developers only had to design and develop apps for standard devices and screen sizes. But, the consumers today are using devices with a huge difference in screen sizes. In order to ensure that mobile apps work seamlessly across devices and screens, developers have to create responsive designs, which require much more efforts.

It’s not just about the sizes of design elements but also about OS requirements, embedded technologies, feature support and more. Developers have to continuously indulge in fixing bugs on different devices and platforms.

Battery life and performance

These days all consumers want to make the most out of mobile apps while limiting battery usage. Thus, mobile app developers have to focus on the app performance and battery consumption. It is important to ensure that the apps run smoothly without any bugs, without draining too much battery.

For this to happen, most developers avoid using too many visual effects or any heavy images that could disrupt an app’s performance; especially on older devices.

Beta testing

Before releasing any mobile application, developers need to test it thoroughly via Beta testing. The Beta testing phase is when users check the application for its functionality and usage to identify bugs. Developers spend hours for repeated testing and bug solving.

Poor network conditions

As developers, chances are that you have the best powerful network connectivity. While apps may be working seamlessly over your network, they may not perform the same way for the users. This is because the end users of your mobile application may not have a powerful network with high-speed internet. Developers thus need to check their apps over different networks.

All mobile apps you develop must make value to the user, support streamlined navigation, collect user data and should be functional, secure and compatible with all devices.

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